Bruce Springsteen, Wembley, 27th Oct

Ok, Ok, I know it's not running related, but I need help.

Mr Nessie & I booked flights/accommodation in London on the off chance that we might get tickets for Bruce's concert. Alas, despite contravening company internet policy (all this time on the forum, and NOW I worry about it....) for nearly 2 hours this morning, and Mr Nessie doing the same with the phone line, all tickets have been sold.

Does anyone have any contacts at Wembly/Ticketmaster/Springsteen Camp/Heaven that might manage to wangle a couple of tickets? I don't want to bankrupt myself, but would be willing to pay a small premium over face value :-)

As Mr Nessie has been so supportive with my marathon training, I really want him to have a big event to look forward to.

Cheeky, I know, but a girls gotta ask..........


  • There will undoubtedly be touts outside on the night selling tickets (usually at a large premium - but may be worth a try if al else fails).
  • No contacts, but have you tried one of the auction sites like e-bay?
    Best of luck,
  • Thanks guys, I'll try e-bay first, and the touts if I get desparate.
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