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Having spent ages about what sort of bike to buy (very tempted by the Giant SCR2.0) I have decided that along withe the expense of new pedals and shoes (my cycleshoes are very very old) I would be better off going for a package. The TriUK package #1 seems excellent value as I can get pedals, shoes, helmet tri suit and wetsuit and bike all for the same price as a bike on its own.

Sooooo my question is has anyone else purchased this and what was your verdict, value for money vs quality etc? I am relatively new to triathlon and am not into spending silly money on a bike so was thinking around £400 for a decent entry level bike anyway. My current bike is at least 20years old, not sure as it was a hand-me down so reckon anything will be an improvement.


  • You could probably get a similer spec and priced 'package' from any of the other tri-shops, but with a bit more flexibility on what's in there.  However, if you really need the whole lot then it's pretty good as a starter package.  It starts to lose out if you've already got shoes and helmet.
  • Shop around.

    Look in 220, lot of adverts for packages in there. No matter what you buy, going to be a mistake if the bike and wetsuit don't fit! Try before you buy.

  • as D74 says - many tri shops do packages - usually 3 at different prices according to your budget. for those starting out and perhaps little knowledge then they do offer good value
  • I purchased the second package from Tri UK, but they changed the bike as they didn't have a SCR 2.0 in my size. They were incredibly helpful, i rang a couple of days before they then hounded me the day before with questions to make sure the 3 hour trip was worth it and had all the various components ready for me. I can't reccommend them more, i had nothing and they even threw in a couple of bits and pieces that i needed, bottle cage, pump etc. I paid the extra (think it was £60) to be fully fitted and had a guy help me with everything for over 2 hours. Gave me some great tips about the mysteries of getting into a wetsuit and more importantly how to get it off super quick. Well worth it! image
  • Hmmm, a bike shop where fitting is a £60extraimage

     In fairness to Tri-Uk they cant afford to be including the staff time for a full fitting at the bargain basement price, but then you'd think that as a fitting was pretty essential then they ought to just include it in the package price.  

  • does seem steep, but they clarify it by saying it's the difference between web price and shop price. In my humble opinion well worth it though, but maybe that's just getting fitted! image 

     I love it, shame the package didn't come with L Plates though as i do look the part now, but really have no idea. Clip-in shoes are tres amusant! Got the school boy grazed knees, takes falling off for me to learn what not to do! All part of the fun.

  • Shiraz purchased a full package from TriUK 2 years ago - they were very good - we spent two hours there, did the entire endless pool thing, were allowed to switch goggles within the package and did not get charged 60 quid extra for the fitting.

  • Thanks for the advice. Unfortunately I live in Cambridge so going all the way to Somerset for a bike/wetsuit fitting is not an easy option.

    Looking around on the internet I see SBR do a package that starts at £795 ...too much for me, and Tri andRun do a apckage that starts at £595 that includes trainers that I definitely don't want. so am still tempted by the £500 triuk package. I'm sure I can get the bike fitted for free here. Does anyone know of any other sites I should be looking at? I think my copy of 220 went out with the recycling this morning!!!!!

  • Bath fittness, i think. Don't have the brouche to hand
  • Call the shops you can get to and ask what they can do, even better go in person as then they know you are at least semi serious. 

    Just because that's what's in the generic advert doesn't mean they won't be flexible.  None of the retailers are Starbucks or McDonalds, they are small enough to be able to make decisions themselves.

    Otherwise, then see what your local bike shop can do for £400ish, and get a £100 wetsuit from elsewhere. 

    But if you try buying a bike and wetsuiit without someone there doing a fit then you'll be highly unlikely to get the right size.  Most people go too big on both when left to their own devices.

  • TFN Nottingham (who used to have a store in Cambridge I thought).
  • - my local one in Eastbourne will put a package togther for you

    they have an ad in the last issue of 220 for endorsed by Olly Freeman - which made me laugh as he lives locally!!
  • Just found this article on the web which may interest others considering the same question 

  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Some folks have approached Tri-uk and had the £500 package upgraded from an SCR3 to SCR2 - by paying the £80ish difference between the bikes.
    You also have to pay a £20 delivery fee.

    But I tried and they wouldn't do it. I bought mine from a local shop, and got a deal on the bike, pedals and shoes.

    I would like to try on a wet-suit before I buy it cos I'm a bit V shaped.
  • THanks for all the advice. After much deliberation I decided that the bike was more important than any of the add-ons, most of which I have anyway. I decided that good sound advice from a bike shop plus getting my bike fitted properly was the best way to go. So have opted for a Giant SCR3.0. It was very useful having the difference between the different models explained to me, especially as the guy in the bike shop was also a triathlete. They have also included clipless pedals and will teach me how to ride it!. Can't wait now for next weekend when I get my new bike!!!! I also got to choose the colour (very important!) Although I suspect the red and silver man's frame I opted for may be harder to spot in transition than the girlie baby blue one I rejected!! WHY do bike manufacturer's do that? The frames are apprently identical just that the women's one comes in a really naff colour!
  • Frame is sligthly different I think. So you can't see up their skirt but, why would you wear a skirt on a road bike anyway?
  • The mens and womens frames are usually a slightly different gemoetry, to make up for the differences in dimensions of the 'average' man and woman. But no-one's 'average', so some women will find a man's bike is better (not sure whether many men would own up to having a woman's bike though).
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