Marathon Pacing/Hitting The Wall

Hello all,

I'm just after a bit of guidance really. I'm doing the White Peak Marathon on 17th May, which will be my first ever Marathon. My question is about race pace really.

I'm a 1:40ish Half Marathoner, so am hoping to do steady 9 minute miles on the Marathon itself to get me in just under 4 hours. However, in all my long training runs I've pretty much hit what i think is The Wall at around the 18/19 mile mark. I've done 2 x 22 milers, 1 x 20 miles and 3 or 4 18 milers trying to get used to the distance, and every time I hit problems. My training runs are usually around the 10 minute mile mark.

So question is how quick to go come race day. Do I stick to my plan and just tough it out when I hit problems, or do I really ease back and gauge how I feel at say the 15 mile mark? I'm really not sure what tactics to employ, as whatever I do I seem to encounter real pain! And the thought of doing 8 more miles in that state is filling me with dread!

For info I use Gels, Jelly Babies, Fig Rolls etc when out there as well as Isotonic drinks - I really feel I'm fuelling up ok, but my legs start to go and they just get worse and worse as I progress. So any advice re a race strategy would be gratefully received.



  • hello ls21 i am doing lochaber this sunday and even though its my 21st marathon the last three i have ran i have started a bit to easy but this sunday i am going to go for it. you have certainly put the miles in so you have trained well for it and try not to think about "the wall" also this sunday do one more long run(15 -18) but it is up to you and then start to ease back on the training as it doesnt matter what you do in the last few weeks just do a few runs to keep you ticking over. good luck
  • LS21LS21 ✭✭✭

    OK thanks for that. I guess my concern is I have struggled with my long slow runs in training, so how bad is it going to be if I try to run a bit quicker! I'm just not sure how to approach it really in terms of pacing and so on, so we'll see how I go.

    I keep telling myself that I've done the training and my body will get used to it, but it doesn't seem to!! Oh well....

    Good luck yourself this weekend too - hope you have a good run, and cheers again for the help.

  • exactly think positive and as its your first just enjoy itimage
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