48 hour treadmill record

I don't know if anyone will be in the Leeds area up to this Saturday noon, but my friend Paul Shields is currently running on a treadmill in the Asda in Morley aiming to beat the record mileage over 48 hours on a treadmill. He is running to raise noney for Mencap, and would appreciate any encouragement, as the general public seem to think he's a bit mad.


  • Hi Monique,

    Good for him and the best of luck too. How many miles does he have to run to beat the record?

  • Is there a contingency plan for power cuts? What's the existing record.

    Shame I'm nowhere near Leeds. It is mad ! but an excellent fundraising idea.

    Very best of luck to him.
  • He has to beat 128 miles , and may well have done it, he was on 70 this morning after starting 12 noon on Thursday, but was having a bit of a bad patch, a bacon sandwich should have sorted him out by now. I'm doing the graveyard shift 11 till 6 am tonight.
    Funny you should mention power cuts but the electric socket they were using packed in yesterday, he has a back up treadmill and second back up would involve dragging mine across the car park!
  • It not the general public that thinks he is mad, I am afraig that I agree with them. He is barking... This is nearly as bad as the idea I saw and thought would be good for a laugh on the FLM Forum.

    Do the Paris Marathon, spend the next week running from Paris to London, then run the London Marathon. Any of you here up for this madness?
  • Hmm, I'll think about it, it might be just the motivation i need!
  • Thanks Monique, you have just mad me feel vaguely sain again.
  • Good luck to him, sounds like he is going to need it. That must take a serious amount of mental toughness to do that.

    One of my personal favourite "stupid things to do" is the Enduroman. A guy is hoping to make a race out of running from Marble Arch to Dover, swimming the channel then cycling to the Arce de Triomphe. He has done it himself so it is possible!

  • Wow I like the sound of that, may have to increase my 4 length maximum though. I can feel my mojo rising already, so to speak.
  • I think you need to get on the sexual fantasies thread Monique then
  • Been there, done that, got the stains on the t shirt!
  • So what is the milage now Monique, When did you get the last posting? We need to know these things
  • I am trying to ring him as I type, got him , he is on 94 at themoment and had a period of throwing up earlier, but he's recovered a bit and is plodding on.
  • Just bouncing this one up to say bye and I'll let you know Monday how it all went.
  • How did it go Monique? We want to know, we have the right to know
  • Come on Monique
    Did he make it?
  • Monique

    Is he still alive?

    Does he ever want to see the inside of an ASDA again? Probably not.

  • SB, I like your Paris-London idea. Anyone done it before?
  • Hello everyone, sorry about the delay I have to do some work now and again!
    Well Paul is now the holder of the 48 hour treadmill record with 137 miles, he passed the old record at just after 4 am on Saturday morning, went to hav e acouple of hours sleep, but couldn't get his trainers on again after, the heat from the running deck had made them swell up so the last nine miles he did in his slippers!
    Don't yet know how much he's raised for Mencap, I'll let you know.
  • I will also add that he knows the prices of every item in the "Back to School" display off by heart and will retain that knowledge to his dying day!
    Also it is quite an education just seeing the type of person who does actually use the 24 hour shopping facility!
  • Well, big congrate to Paul. A sterling effort.
  • That's "congrate" as in congratulations!
  • Just read about this in the paper,amazing!
    How did he manage to stay hydrated indoors for this length of time?
    Bet you cant get hold of any powerade in Asda this week.
  • The man is amazing. Congratualtions to him
  • Congrats from me too!!
  • 137 miles !!! That is amazing. He is amazing, completely barking of course - but what an athlete.

    C'mon Paula - the gauntlet is down now ;-)
  • So he's got over the fact he couldn't run for a thousand miles round Doncaster race-course then!

    Very impressed, excellent achievement


    (of course if I've mis-remembered an old thread the first para is rubbish - the second para stands)
  • I think it was only 24 hours at Doncaster.

    Serious top effort and many congrats to the man.
  • Hi Monique

    What a fantastic achievement - congratulations to Paul.

    Here's a radical suggestion:

    Why don't all of us who have posted our sentiments on this forum now each post a cheque of at least £5 to Paul. He deserves to make a fortune for Mencap. I'll start the bidding at £10

    Monique - we'll need an address - or has Paul signed up for Justgiving.com at all?

    Happy H
  • So nobody is up for the idea then?
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