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I'm hoping that I can patch things up between them, but being a non-technical type of person I don't know where to start, as having read the ipod website, I was completely lost.

Anyway, I have tried to sync my ipod with itunes twice now and on each occassion itunes has not recognised the ipod. I have authorised the ipod to this pc (I can do that much!), but that didn't work. I then tried to return the ipod to factory settings and the PC froze, so I managed to reset the ipod, but since then when I connect it to the pc, it doesn't register on itunes and then itunes freezes.

Does anyone know what I can do to get them talking to each other again? Does it mean a whole new ipod? I hope not as this will be the second one that I've killed.

Thanks for any help in advance.   


  • there are loads off ipod forums out there - i'd do a search via google! or dump the ipod and get a creative!
  • I'm sure deinstalling then reinstalling itunes may help but you'll have to be careful to store your music somewhere else on your computer otherwise you'll have to reload it all again.

    There may be an easier solution but I don't know it.

  • PIOATT - I have tried the forums for ipods and I don't understand the links that they send you to.

    Thanks Scream I will try that.

  • what happens when you connect the iPod to the PC without iTunes running??? that should open iTunes automatically and the iPod should say "Do Not Disconnect" (my nano does so it may be different for standard iPods and nothing for shuffle which has no screen). if it doesn't do this then the unit is not being recognised by the iTunes software.

    if this is the case do as Scream says and back up your music, uninstall iTunes, re-install, connect iPod and see what happens,

    the other issue maybe the connecting lead - which would be unusual - but make sure this is connected correctly
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