Elvet Striders running club

Hi - I live in Durham and have heard about a running club called Elvet Striders - does anyone know them or is a member?

I would like to join - their website is really good and they say they welcome runners of any fitness and ambition but not sure what this means as I have heard horror stories of some running clubs saying beginners must be able to run 10 miles to join.

I can only manage 4.5 miles at the moment at around a 10/11 minute mile pace and I'm training for the GNR.

If anyone has any info I'd be grateful!




  • I think I've seen them in and around Durham on a Wednesday night.  Some of them are super quick, but others are mere mortals.  Give it a go - what's the worst that could happen? image
  • Hi Kate. Are you still interested in joining Elvet Striders? If so, do get in touch. You can do this via our website by completing the application form - this will send me your details and I'll get in touch with more information (go to http://www.elvet-striders.org.uk/about/join.php) or, alternatively, if you want to ask us a few questions first, send us an email via http://www.elvet-striders.org.uk/about/contact.php. This will generate an email to one of our club Captains who can give you more information. Maybe see you soon?

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