Picasso Spotting with Monique.

if we have to explain then you don't belong here.

4 miles commute home = 6  



  • i'm more hard and fast than long and slow
  • I saw one during my drive to work and it made me think of Monique!
  • sometime KK you are really hard work.

    the secrets in the title and first post!!!!!!! 

  • that is so far from the truth
  • yes, I have many secrets
  • How embarassing, my verging on the obsessive trivial proccupations laid bare.

    Didn't see any while running round the track but there were three in the car park.

    I never count my own btw even upon returning from a trip where there has been a very poor turnout.- now that would be cheating.

  • I mean how will I beome a great philosopher and unlock the mysteries of life if all I can think of is "as usual the predominant colour is silver"
  • [shakes head]
  • I read this thread first thing this morning and just though, "silly".

    Drove to a meeting later on.  Passed 8 Picassos.  All silver.  Curse you, Monique!!

  • Why is it that when I read this the first time, I was thinking of paintings?

    And now I know that I'll be Picasso-counting on the way home.

    Ooooh look, there's 'Guernica'...

  • 15 miles .......... 3

    probably more but I am blind as a bat

  • nearly 5 mile plod...3, 1 silver, 2 pale blue which might have been the same one.

  • one hour bike ride... zero. but then it could be because I have to pay so much attention to the road surface while I'm weaving in and out of the potholes
  • 2 hours tonight - 0.

  • I didnt see any on the towpath

    Which was a relief
  • Statistically you will see more if you

    a) don't cycle in very posh or extremely hilly areas

    b) train at peak picasso times- between the hours of 7:30 am and 8:30 pm weekdays, bit later on the weekends as the kids can stay up.

    Perfect 7 each way on the 14 mile commute and exactly 6 on my 6 mile run, picasso-tastic

     I tell you it becomes an obsession.

  • oooo  a new game to play....image  off out on my bike in 10....will report back!
  • ffs will someone put me out of my misery and tell me wtf this thread is about.
  • It's about picasso spotting with Monique.  Durrrr
  • I think the clue is in the title...

    ...unless of course I've made a huge mistake

  • well this has been an eye opener for me....I've discovered I cycle looking at the floor most of the time and daydreaming!!  Not a bright thing to do on the roads I guess but anyway when I DID remember

    30 miles.....(country lanes though)


    5 silver
    2 dark Blue
    2 light blue
    1 grey

    newest was an 08 plate and oldest 55 plate!  yep even tried to remember those........image

  • I forgot last night. And this morning. Must count on my way home.
  • Ultra emmi, that's good spotting, I am always inexplicably cheered when I see one of the bright metallic green ones, they are my favourite, not keen on the light brown ones or those pale turquoise ones. I have a lilac one. Never really look at plates, but I do confess to knowing eaxctly where they will be parked in the area. I am always a little bit annoyed when the silver Whizz go car club one isn't in it's spot in Leeds.
  • Do you include the parked ones then or just those mobile??  I was unsure but as it happened only saw 1 parked 1...!

  • Oh yes deffinately count parked, if you pass a citroen showroom you have to be quick at counting but you get mega-yields. Also on an out and back route you are allowed to count parked ones twice, but not if they overtake you and you have already counted them.

     I can't believe I have all these self imposed rules

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