Shoes and miles


How often to you replace shoes, after how many miles ?

I run in Mizuno's - have done for years - as for me they are the best out there and more reasnobly priced than the others. However, I change them after 350 miles without fail even if they feel OK. I reckon that I pay in the region of £5 a week for my shoes on that basis, I go though on average 4 pairs a year so £320 a year

Runnings a cheap sport (unless you but all these gadgets which is what they are mostly - gadgets, I use the free maps on the internet to measure distance) so I think that a good pair of shoes is important, also to prevent injury from the pounding. So I change regularly at 350 miles - got to look after my joints in my old age !

Just intersted to hear what everyone does on this front


  • 350miles ? is that all ? i'd be changing my trainers every 6 to 7 weeks (ave 60miles pw) - i rota with 3 pairs off asics road shoes and 2 pairs off off road shoes (Invo)- change em prob once a year (if that)
  • 350 miles for me too

    I am quiete heavy at 15st 5lb so my shoes get a hammering

    I normally have 2 pair on the go at once so they last a bit longer

  • I have over used my current Mizunos to 410 miles and can feel a slight pain in my knees

    Maybe your lighter than me I am a heft 12st 6lb

  • Don't really count the miles per trainers. I've got lots of different trainers for road racing, hill running, trail running, training, etc etc etc....list is endless. I usually have about two pairs of each type on the go at any one time. I throw trainers out when they look worn on the sole, or if the midsole looks like it has collapsed.
  • S'pose a lot depends on weight really. I'm 8 stone and Mr HF is 16 stone so he wears trainers out faster.
  • Personally I plan to buy a new pair at 400 miles and alternate between old and new before relegating the old pair to gardening duty when they hit 500 miles. 

    Sometimes I change earlier if the padding starts to feel odd or my knees start to hurt. Or if I like the new seasons colour better...

  • I've been advised 450-500 miles.  I'm 13 1/2st  so reasonably heavy.  Current Mizuno Wave Creations seem to last better then Wave Riders
  • I'm a heavy heel striker and I feel how cushioning worsens with miles. After 300 miles I start to feel discomfort during and after running on tarmac/pavement and then I change shoes. I run is Asics.

    The "dead" ones I use later for walking until they start to tear, don't like classic leather shoes and "originals" - ugly and uncomfortable, my feet suffer in them whereas old running shoes feel really comfy for walking.

  • Seems from the posts here then around 350 is pretty normal

    So thats changing shoes roughly 4 times a year, with an average of 30 miles a week (obviously more at marathon time) but if I was running 60 miles a week I would still change at 350 miles. OK so thats 8 pairs a year ! but just because you run more miles per week it doesnt make shoes last longer, they last so many miles and thats it.

    As I have said previously running is a cheap sport - the biggest outlay is shoes.This is the one area I dont try to squeeze the last miles out of. I change regular at 350 miles and I believe thats one reason I have only had 2 injuries to keep me off the road in 15 years of running. Mind you it does make for a big pile of old running shoes in the cupboard !

    Last pair of the fabulous Mizuno Inspire went over the clock at 410 but they have noe retired and I am on a new pair of Inspire 4 as from today

  • I strike right on the outside edge of the heel, and my last two pairs of Ecco 3040's only lasted around 270 miles before I was through the rubber and onto the cushioning. As these are the only shoes that give me arch blisters however I'll stick with them. I order from the USA and still get them at half the price of the UK. In fact last time I was in the USA I had to buy a new suitcase to bring back 4 pairs!
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