Greggs of Treforest 5K Fun Run

Who's done this one before? I'm taking the family along for a plod


  • Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Pies image)

    And coffee buns image)
  • Awww I fancied the title of that....but am doing the Ty Hafan one in Barry that day image
  • no cakes for us... image
  • mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm PIES!


    "I love Pies"

  • Can't decide whether to do this one, or the Ty Hafan run in Barry. Haven't done either of them before and their both good causes. Anyone got any thoughts on which one's best for a plodder with dodgy knees?!
  • This one will be flat whereas Ty Hafan isn't so I'd go for this if you want an easier plod.
  • Ah flat! I like that word. Where I live you can't escape the hills. I'm not too bad going up them, but I think it's running down them that's done for my knees! Thanks PQ, I think you may have swayed me towards this one.
  • Hello

    Really enjoyed the race - even though it was a very hot day. But the circuit was nice and flat. Ran a personal best.

    No pies in the goodie bag but we did have gingerbread persons and lots of lucozade high energy goodies. Not foregetting the t-shirt, medal and the  free fruit and drinks at the end.

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