To 10K or not to 10K


I started running 2 months ago with a view to racing next year. However, this are not as bad a I first thought so thinking about maybe doing a 10K at the end of June. (Trent Park 10k)

At the moment I go out for 30mins 2 mornings a week and have progressed from 2.5Km and arriving home dead, to doing 5Km and running most of it and feeling I could do more.

Do people think I could be ready for a 10K in 2 months time?

Also, I run in the morning because I just don't have the time in the evenings (unless I go home and go straight out, don't eat with my wife a kids and don't see the kids before they go to bed). I have to get up at 5:30pm at the moment to I can get my 30mins in. So any thoughts on a training schedule?

I could get up even earlier and go out 3 mornings a week.

Lastly, is it worth joining a running club if I can only go at the weekend?




  • Definitely go for the 10K - it will keep you motivated and give you something to train towards.  I too only started out a couple of months ago and can now do about 5 miles - I entered RfL to do in July but actually going to do a 10K in June as well.  Although training for me is non-existent this week as I nurse a horrid cold.....image

    If you can manage about 5 miles by the race day - the atmosphere and adrenaline on the day should carry you forward that extra mile.

  • I did my first 10k after only getting to 6k in training.  It's not a strategy that I would recommend, but it does go to show that with another 2 months training you will be better prepared than I was.

    If you can fit it in then 3 runs would be better, but I would stick to 30 min for two of them and continue to increase only one of them each week.

    After spending ages thinking I wasn't good enough for a club, when I finally found one I wished I had joined sooner.  So I would certainly recommend it.  The only thing I would be a little cautious of is that most clubs do their longer sessions at the weekend, which may be too much for you at this stage.  But check out the clubs web site, drop them an e-mail or give them a call and see whether you would fit in.  Tell them what your ability is and see what they say.

    My clubs weekend sessions are 2 hours, but there is a lot more emphasis on run/walking than during the weekday sessions, so you wouldn't be expected to run continuously for 2 hours.  In fact, we are about to start Race for Life specific training on Saturdays, which might be perfect for you.  I know that you aren't local to me, but it gives you an indication of what some clubs do.

  • I think having a goal of something like that is a great idea. I say go for it. image

    What date is that run on? I live in Potters Bar and wouldn't mind doing it too. image

    *Editted to add* I recommend joining a running club also, even if you can only go once a week.  The club I recently joined to do one of their training sessions in Trent park on a Saturday where we do speed work and it  is great fun and very beneficial. image

  • Thanks for your comments. I will leave it a week or two before making my mind up but I am 90% sure I am going to go for it.

    The race I am thinking of doing in the Trent Park Triffic Trail. It is supposed to be a hilly course but should not be a problem. I live about 10mins from there and it is very hilly. I have not found a flat training route yet so this course should not come as a suprise.

    Kat A what club to you go to at Trent Park? Just my kids run with Trent Park Running Club so I suppose I should join them. However, would be interest in looking around at other clubs first.


  • James - I reckon you should go for the 10k. You seem to be making good progress now, and having a goal will probably keep you motivated. Plus Trent Park is a really nice place to run. I'm looking at doing one of their 5k races soon.
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