Long Bennington 10K

Just wondering if anyone has done this race before and if so, can you give some info about the race e.g. topography, PB potential etc.

Are there any results available from previous years? I had a quick look but couldn't see anything.



  • Hello - I was wondering the same as there doesn't seem to be a lot of info in the entry. If you email Luke on lbfunrun@hotmail.co.uk he'll be able to tell you more. Closing date is this Friday 9th so like me you'll need to get your skates on!
  • I emailed Luke on the 8th but I've not heard anything yet. I'll post a link if he comes back to me.
  • I did it last year and it threw it down with rain. No major hills, just a few slopes , but theres a good chance for a pb
  • Here's the response I got from Luke (thanks Luke):

    "Yes entries are accepted on the day. This is from 9.30am at the Long Bennington Pavilion at £8.
    There are no results available on the web unfortunately but this year we will be sticking the results sheets on a board for runners to see.
    We are not certified accurate, however we do take great care ensuring the course is accurate by using a GPS computer.

    Thanks for the info on the course.

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