Veteran? Grrrr..

Race results are making me feel very old.  Looking at my recent race results I was not happy to find that at 37 I am classed as a veteran!!!!  I was so pleased with my times, but it put a real dampener on it to be described as what sounds like somebody who fought in the WW2.

 Anybody else feel the same way?  Who decides these labels? image


  • You're old. Nature decides.
  • men don't become veterans until they're 40

    but then we age better than womenimage

  • you are kk

    but I'm 39, so I'm notimage

  • I am 12

    I have a long way to go before I get all old and wrinkly 

  • How very dare they!image
  • i've noticed some races have a v35 category for women, some begin with v40.

    i think it's quite funny to be a beginner veteran, or is that a veteran beginner? image

  • look on the bright side you can be 1st V35 if you are lucky !

  • kittenkat wrote (see)
    Georgia's Dad wrote (see)

    you are kk

    but I'm 39, so I'm notimage


    I thought my inane childishness would keep me youthful!

    I read that a insane
  • kk in her last race


  • No can't be there isn't a comedy dido in sight. Keep up the good work I'm feeling younger by the minute image 
  • it is a woman we all now proper running women have no t!tsimage
  • What kind of dates have you been on? image
  • never dated a proper runnerimage
  • Georgia's Dad wrote (see)
    never dated a proper runnerimage
    I have I could tell because they ran off when they saw me image
  • Thanks for that guys! Feeling so much better now - an ancient old lady with no tits.  Hmm.  Suppose it is better to have no tits at my ripe old age than ones hanging down by my knees.  That would make for really uncomfortable running... image
  • anyway Dippycat welcome to the forum and yes the 305 is a fantastic bit of kit.

    You shouldn't have to much trouble with the chest strapimage

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