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  • Badly Drawn Bloke wrote (see)

    I can't believe that people are taken in by this fool.  I don't get the "it's an act" thing.  

    Do you know Boris personally then?

    At least the bloke has held a job outside of politics. Most of the MP's that we employ have never held down a job of any sorts outside of politics.

    It has been said that most are lawyers, but how many have actually held working positions as such??

    Another aside: How many times have you stood for election, either nationally (as an MP/SMP), internationally (as a MEP) or locally (as a councillor) ??

  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭

    I'm not sure to what extent Boris's jobs outside politics, which were journalism posts obtained through patronage and family connections, can be regarded as employment in the "real world".

    That said, he's giving up his seat at Westminster. There's no safer Tory seat than Henley, where he could have hung on till retirement if he wished. His new post is much more exposed, as Ken has found out. At least he's shown he's committed (although he's probably amassed enough money to live the easy life even if he's voted out after one term and doesn't get parachuted into another safe constituency).

    I have a sneaking admiration for both Boris and Ken. So many politicians trot out identical soundbites after going on the same media handling courses. At least these two speak their minds. And anyone who's rude about Liverpool can't be all bad image

  • At least he was employed, which is more than can be said for most MP's (including my own)

    However, if you do not believe journalism to be a proper job, I'll await the replies of the journalist among us.image

  • Muttley.... you are soooooo dead! image
  • Sorry Muzzy, I don't know him personally so obviously I don't have an opinion.

    I've never stood for election, so once more, I should keep my mouth shut. I shall tell my wife that she should accept the mis-diagnosis that she received with a broken foot as she is neither a doctor or radiographer.

    Also, I assume that having had a job other than a lawyer means that you're a credible politician? Nick Griffin was an engineer and writer. Palatable? Credible? Electable?

    If Boris does a good job, I'll admit I was wrong. When he inevitably screws up, I'll be on the band wagon screaming "I told you so".

  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭

    Actually, I am a journalist. Yes, honestly I am.

    I was referring to the way he obtained the jobs, which I think were sinecures through family connections, rather than to journalism per se.

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