Final to do list!

I'm sure this must have been asked before but I'm going to ask it again.

What's on your list of things to do/take on Sunday?


  • Clothes:
    Bin bag affair
    Clothes for kit bag (and to wear in the morning)
    Clothes to give to supporters incase I loose my kit bag!

    Stuff for the way around:
    Phone (possibly)
    Watch (maybe not though)

    Registration Form
    train tickets
    mobile phone charger
    some photo form of ID
    Food for gereral snacking as I wander about od saturday.
    Ice spray for post run injuries.
    Ibruprofen (sp)

    I know there is more but I can't remember my full list :o)
  • ahh I forgot some things

    Alarm Clock
    peanut butter for my breakfast
  • TDAAD - don't wander around too much on Saturday. You WILL need your energy for Sunday, for taking all those pictures and making all those phone calls!
  • I mean the expo and going out to the thistle.
  • Compeed?
  • Good list Tulips !

    Things to read on the train
    Beer vouchers for after
    Running belt thing
    Thick comfy post-FLM socks
    Proper Digi-cam to record later celebrations
    Maybe wrist thing with target times on
    VASELINE !!!
  • Damn it.

    Sorry missed off the running belt thingy
    Booking the taxi for the train.

    My actual list includes current location of all these things (I live out of two houses and a car).

    There will be more things.

  • TDAAD - I blew my last London by spending too long at the Expo. Don't get sucked into this sell-fest unless you are sure. I'm just going to register and leave - there's nothing there that you can't get somewhere else, when there isn't the Sword of Damocles hanging over you (though maybe you're more laid back than me - what am I saying, of course you are! Richard Meldrew is more laid back than me!)

    Good luck everyone.
  • LOL - you've seen my list I'm not laid back.

    I went to the expo last year (supporting a friend) and this year I will only stay there an hour max.
  • I reckon I spent about 2 hours there last year. Really enjoyed it ! And bought goodies. Well, it is THE marathon !
  • Forgot the pantechnicon. Thats a very long list, Tulips, thought mine was long! (no costume - that's brave) - substitute couple of gels for sweets, and no bra (!)or lucozade - not carrying anything like that tho' will have drinkies before hand.
    Would add:-
    Food before start (experimented with energy bars, will take banana;
    Sports drink and water for before;
    Recovery drink (sis banana - i'll be yellow by Sunday evening)
    Couple of sandwiches - tuna and sweetcorn or similar; plus mars bar, yorkie or something.

  • How big are the kitbags we're given? Are they big enough for all this stuff?
  • Add

    Running Number
    Sun cream (well, maybe)
  • safety pins

    I knew it - important and I missed them.

    I'd better gat this all in a spreadsheet
  • Tulips,

    Good news is that safety pins are included in the envelope with your race no, championchip and Tyvek strips.

    Mind you could be a bit of an "eggs-in-one-basket" type scenario!
  • Rodders - bag big enough, but maybe not strong enough!
    Tulips - a camera?! I admire the thought but I hope it's tiny - I can't even handle a Walkman when I'm running!
  • 3 verrrry useful things to remember:

    sports top from a Vittel bottle (any size will do!)
    the top from a lucozade sport pouch
    toilet tissue in waterproof bags (coin bags from the bank do the job, so to speak)

    Good luck all!
  • Nipple plasters or things for guys.
  • Rocks - you always need spares
  • It's a little camera. i normally run with a bottle or two and my phone so swapping a bottle for a camera is easy enough.

    Plus it's a throw away one so if I do drop it it doesn't really matter.
  • Tulips - wise words
  • Thanks guys (and girls) been avoiding creating said list but can't avoid it any longer as realising I'm missing something saturday night/sunday morning ain't a good idea.

    Just broke charity target, collect number tomorrow, train times checked.... how do I get to the station? Better print this lot just in case
  • horrors - so much 2 remember - i need 2 go out 4 a run just to cope with the stress of packing ...
    Do we really need photo-id? i'm from sleepy shropshire and we don't do things like that up here - have i missed an important line somewhere in the instructions?
  • Nooo = credit card or summat like that will suffice - you have to sign for your number, and the signature is on your card too.

    It IS your card isn't it ?
  • M-O-3

    Shropshire? You will remember to bring your London Entry Visa with you, won't you?
    If you haven't got one yet, nip down the post office and ask for Form VL21b and you should be ok.
  • and they guarantee 5 days to sort it out...
    don't forget the congestion charge if you're thinking of taking a cab in london too....especially on sunday when its doubled
  • It's too late to get the vaccinations sorted, though...
  • rocks & AP - i do hope ur joking there - we do get info up here re london via the media but u know how they can distort things so as it's 20years since i visited the capital i'm v gullible to ur advice...perhaps i should just pop 2 the offie 2 check...or can i sort out the visa online - we do have www access up here but it's v slow...
  • - told u my web connection was slow - T&Tman got in there b4 i could reply and u might have a point re the vaccines even if they're not required for london - mixing with so many people whilst our bodies are stressed - well mine will be - do we need malaria tablets too?
  • LOL

    can't be too prepered when visiting the capital
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