Auld Toun 10K

well thats edinburgh out the way whos doin thisimage


  • I'm up for it, need to make up for my poor finish at Black Rock....
  • ran the edin 10k yesterday in 42.34 so looking to better that
  • i was going to say i'd like to break 40mins but after hearing from someone being there usual petty self(yes it is the same person)tell you on wednesday,i WANT to break 40mins. it really makes my blood boilimage
  • bugger.   did not break 40mins was a minute slower than last yearimage never mind should be happy with two 10k's in 42minsimage dunfermline half on sunday bring it onimage
  • dont fret, you'll do it. It's a tough course for predicting times!

    CU Sunday, I'll let you know then if I'll running or not - got Ice on the calf at the mo....

  • thats the photos of this race on
  • I and the only one of me, and I ain't even runnnig....lolimage standing on the start line.....
  • ha ha same here all smiles at the start but in the other two well the face says it allimage by the way whats with the green ribbon?
  • Its a RW forum thing, so you can spot each other at races, their was a couple on show on Wednesday nite
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