Foam Roller

Hi, I have been advised to get a foam roller to exercise my calfs and hamstrings.  I see there are 4" & 6" diameters out there.

 What is benefit of each over the other, which would I need for my use?




  • I'd suggest you ask the persone who advised you to get one - presumably they know what you should be doing with it!
  • If you look at link below, you'd use the smaller roller for calf/soleus and large one for hamstrings, ITB band, etc.  You might need to compromise if want roller that will do both.  Ones shown below are pricey - I'm sure there are cheaper alternatives from physio type sites.

  • I got a relatively cheap roller for my ITB, got the 6" type. it worked well for a while but started to deform a bit, the foam wasn't dense enough...

    I use a spikey massage ball for my calves, this works much better than my 6 incher.... (oooer..) I also tend to use the ball on my itb again now...

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