runner`s nipple

I used to laugh at this until I got my first dose of it a few weeks ago.

And have had it twice more since.......a bleeding left nipple and stings like hell in the shower.

Every time I got it was when it was raining and I assume it made my vest stick to my body.

I stuck elastoplasts over it in Blackpool marathon but they came off and I got it again.

Does anybody have a solution?


  • yes. a product called bodyglide. it comes in a stick like a deodorant and is the best product on the market. available from all running shops i would think.

  • Got joggers nipple myself a few weeks ago.  Bloody sore, especially in the shower.  Like you this was running in the wet, wore plasters on my nipples for a few days after and it hasn't happened again.  Apart from the plaster thing I haven't heard of any other preventative measures. 

     I just wanted to show solidarity! 

  • Ahem - even though I am not a gentleman (obviously), and therefore don't have the same problem, last year i had pretty bad chafing under my arms from my running vest. Bodyglide solved the problem completely - and I found that it stays where it's supposed to better than Vaseline.

    God, I felt really pervy writing that.

  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭
    the problem with bodyglide - and any other similar lubricant - is that it wears off after a while so on long runs you still end up with shredded nips

    a cover such as plasters/zinc oxide tape/micropore is still the best solution but the problem here is "stickability" when wet - the buggers come off and the nips get shredded again

    there is a product called NipGuard which I've never tried as they are pricey versus tape so I don't know how they perform in the wet

    the best type of tape I have found is what I call "athletic tape" - the sort of stuff that rugby players use to tape fingers/wrists/ankles/broken boots etc...........that stuff sticks like buggery even when wet such that it rips chest hairs off even in the shower. get some of that and cut to size - you won't go far wrong
  • Thanks guys........and LT.....(I don`t mind a bit of pervy image)

    The plasters came away from the bit they were supposed to be covering so yes the old

    nipples still got shredded but I still had the anguish of ripping out my chest hair just to add

    a bit more pain.....Nipguard eh?.......or hairless nipples image mmmmmm better than sandpapered nipples.......makes u cringe just thinkin` about it.

  • Or Body glide........?
  • SM,

    Word of warning athlete tape works very well if you have a hairy chest you will get a wax for free when you try and get the stuff off, the pain is interesting.image

    If your still got a problem with your nips stick some E45 cream on them or if your tight like me nick some moisturising lotion from a hotel. image

  • Ta cake image

    I reckon I wont have the problem as much now that summer is neely here as the cold wet weather makes the nipples stick out and harden........and other bits smaller ha ha!.......speshly the cold eh?

  • I use bodyglide - as posted above I find it lasts better than vasaline.

    Better clothing also helps - loose vests, esp when wet will chafe more. My "best" vest is a Nike vest which wicks well and also seems to rub less than the other vests. I think it justs fits better.

  • Thanks guys at the end of the day image mmmmm maybe     body glide wins

     or if your tight like me nick some moisturising lotion from a hotel. image  but I still like that bit.

  • Crikey, yes, the shower after. Ooooowwwww
  • I have found that simple micro-tape (the sort used in first aid) works best for me. The only inconvenience for those of us with hairy chests is you to shave round the old nips first. The things we do eh?

     Actually, whilst I'm on. I have a recurring blister on the instep of my right foot. Haven't changed trainers or anything like that so no idea why it has started happening.

     Really getting on my nerves. Any tips??

  • I use Bodyglide it works a treat even on long runs.
  • I've found that the little round plasters you get in a box of Elastoplast Waterproof plasters are good provided you put them on a good 30 mins before you start.

    Only trouble is you have to buy a whole box and you only get 8 nipple ones in a  box, so I've now got a lifetime supply of 'other' plasters! imageimage

  • I am doing Windermere tomorrow and believe it or not.........

    I was just thinking about putting one big square plaster over each nipple but little round ones  might be worth a try.

    I dont want to shave round my nipples though image

    It looks like it might be raining and cool so I will give it a try.....little round plasters before i set off so they will have plenty time to stick.

    No idea about your blister problem Kev sorry.

  • How did you get on Mate of Skipper?
  • Anyone else noticed the irony that we have a pair of 'nipple' threads?imageimage
  • U must be a engineer likes me DB.

    Well thanks for asking about how I got on.

    My legz in particular the back of my left knee (ligaments) is a bit tight and achy.

    But I dint get an oozing nipple even though the small square plasters I put on an hour or two before the race had dissappeared when I finished.

    But it did stay dry and I wore my most expensive silky type tee shirt ...really lightweight and soft.

    They were selling nipple cap things on one of the stands and even had vaseline at the watering holes on the way round tho if u needed it. 

    It took me 4:30 so I am no Speedy Gonzales,,,,,,,but it was till 11 mins quicker than last year..hee hee!

    I woz well knackered mate I tell u.

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