cramp when swimming

I went training for the first time with my local tri club last night. I got severe cramp in my left calf and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions or remedies for prevention in the future.


  • Kiki

    need some more info, how long had you been swimming when it happened, did you notice it to start with then got worse, was it in a pool or open water etc

    I used to get cramp when swimming when finishing a length and trying to push off for another, found I was to near the wall for pushing off

  • I used to swim competitively until I was about 21 and then stopped.  Never really had problems with cramp.  I came back to swimming  a few years later and now every time I do a hard swimming session I manage to get cramp in at least one of my calves.  I put it down to reduced flexibility in my legs (ankles / lower leg) meaning that when I point my toes in the kick, it does something to the calf muscle.  Also, I'm guilty of not relaxing the legs enough - trying to force the kick too much.  Oh and pushing off the wall too hard doesn't help either.  Of course, I could be completely wrong, but they are my theories - for what they're worth!

     Improve your flexibility would be my advice.

  • i used to get cramp in log swims (2hrs)  tracked it down to being dehydrated - now take a week sports drink for any swim over 1hr
  • I quite often get bad cramp in my toes/calves when I swim - quite often just after I first get in.  I try to make sure I have a drink by the side to sip on regularly and try not to tense my feet which I think is the cause of the prob for me.  I remember someone saying once you can get anti-cramp tablets and as I recall the quinine in tonic water is supposed to help.
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