Where to go on holiday?

OK. Neither me nor hubby are really into beach holidays - we prefer to be 'doing something' on holiday. We fancy getting a bit of sun in September and are looking for somewhere to go.

We have an 18 month old daughter who also likes to be active - in previous times we'd have just gone on a skiing/walking/activity holiday, but we're a bit more limited now.

So - any ideas? (Not Centerparcs - Not my idea of fun. Been twice now and not enjoyed it particularly)

European destinations or UK are what we are aiming for.

Should distract you from work for a while!

 Ta ever so!


  • I'd say erm... Europe... Somewhere.
  • Devon is heaven - an 18 month old will be quite happy digging sandcastles all day.

    If wet, then donkey sanctuaries and whatnot.

    At that age as long as they're with mum and dad they are happy as Larry. 

  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭

    When you reach Devon, keep going and carry on to Cornwall!

    Sunshine and sand, if that's what you want. Or lots of wild coastline walks, family farms, some interesting things to see (working tin mine at Geevor, seal sanctuary at Gweek, telecoms museums at Porthcurno and Goonhilly, Paradise Bird Park at Hayle, etc etc, do some googling for Cornwall attractions). You can even go camel trekking (on the Lizard peninsula.

    And the pasties in Devon are NOT the real thing.

  • Hmm... I'd say Cornwall or Devon, personally.
  • Neither me nor hubby are really into beach holidays

    I think you should have bolded that....   image

    Just to clarify - you want to be active, can't ski, surf or water ski, don't want to go to the beach and need to be active with an 18 month old?

    What about going to Switzerland (or somewhere near mountains), hiring a chalet for a couple hundred quid and hiking the Alps? 

  • Green EyesGreen Eyes ✭✭✭
    We went to Swanage when our kids were young - was a while a go but we had a great time.  There is a lovely beach and lots to do in and around the place.  Corfe Castle and Lulworth Cove are nice.  The Castle at lulworth is great for kids.  There is a farm there and mine had a great time.  Just depends on what you're after I suppose. 
  • I don't think you can beat Malta for a sunny family holiday. Beaches are few and far between but very family friendly when you come across them and they adore children. I like the fact that they drive on the left - I think you've got enough to worry about with kids without having to worry about which way to look before crossing the road. There are plenty of activities suitable for little ones - boat trips, water parks and Meditterranea. The Blue Lagoon on Comino is to die for. If you really want a quiet 'away from it all' holiday, you could go to the sister island of Gozo instead (my first Malta holiday was on Gozo when Little Mint was just 4 and it was perfect - now he's a bit older we prefer the livelier Malta).

    Now, how do I go about getting paid by the Malta Tourist Office?

  • Cornwall is nice too.
  • Dawlish in Devon. Holiday caravans, B&Bs hotels, your choice, bucket & spade beach across the road, swans in the town centre, easy train access to further in Devon, Jurassic coast round the corner
  • South Hams is lovely - Bigbury or Slapton or Thurlestone.
  • OK , you can have my spare room for £300 image
  • Already going to Dorset in June. But I must admit Devon and Cornwall do seem the easiest option. I'm sure she'd love a caravan, and we have a rucksack for carrying her (a proper carrier not just a random rucksack!!!!)

     When I said we didn't do 'beach holidays' what I meant was we're not ones for just laying on a beach. (I have blue skin for a start, which burns in about 10 seconds flat!)

     Thank you all for your input!

  • LozF There used to be a really good family friendly hotel just outside Newquay called the Trevelgue.  It was set up entirely for families with young children. Creche, games, activities, babysitting etc. Means you can actually have a holiday and not just look after your child somewhere else without all the conveniences of home.  Worth looking up.  Good luck. I have 4, but the youngest is now 3 so its getting easier!
  • We went to Australia this time last year when the Bean was 21 months old. 
  • SunluvvaSunluvva ✭✭✭

    How about going on a Eurocamps/Eurosites etc holiday in france.  The tents are huge and have separate rooms with a camp kitchen, electricity and proper beds.  Or if you want a bit more luxury the mobile homes are fantastic quality.  There will be kids clubs on lots of sites so you can have some time to yourselves, lots of other kids for little un to play with and you aren't stuck with hotel timetables for meals etc.

    You can choose sites close to beaches or inland but all the facilities are fantastic and you meet loads of great people sitting outside your tent/mobile having a glass of vin local.

    We did it for years when the kids were little, they loved it everytime.

  • Hi.  When my daughter was 18 months old I would share the burden of carrying her in a back pack.  This way we could go anywhere within reason and she could not wander off.  We could walk at a good pace and when she was tired she just slept in it as we walked.  Make sure it is metal framed, has a good kneck support backing for child, a water proof cover of some sort and a thick belt that goes around your waist/hips to give your back some support.  It gave us a lot of freedom.  You would expect to pay at least £80 for it.  Ebay sell them second hand, so no need to pay full price.  This way anywhere that you can walk, the baby can come too.


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