Lordshill 10K

hillstriderhillstrider ✭✭✭
I have entered this race again. Let's hope the conditions are better than last year!image


  • am I likely to be able to enter on the day? I've had to drop out of a few lately, so i'd prefer not to commit.
  • I think they do take entries on the day, but it would be worth checking on their web site, or by e mail. It is a good race and well worth doing if you are able!
  • I have received my race number, and looking forward to Sundayimage
  • Have a good race Terry.   I'll try not to push you too hard on our training run tomorrow (25th June).   I've decided to keep off races until the Autumn so I've plenty of time to pick up my fitness.   See you in the Morning.
  • Thanks Tone. I suggest we just run 18 miles instead of the planned 20.image
  • Let's split the difference and run a flat out 19 miles as a compromise eh?image
  • OK. Let's aim for sub 2hrs.image
  • Roger 333Roger 333 ✭✭✭

    You speed snakes make me ill image

     Suffice to say it was a lovely day and I improved on my starting position ( tailing on to the back of the crowd just as the chap with the hooter said ' Oh...and here come some late entries ") to claw my way up the field to a highly respectable 161st .( 58:39)

     Hope the sub 2 hour 20 mile pipe opener gave you both sufficient warm up for this gentle 10K . All that practice on Portsdown Hill obviously paying off!

    I quite enjoyed the footpath through the woods - kind of the organisers to get out and about with a chain saw before the runners passed through - but it must have come as a bit of a shock to people expecting a similar race to the Totton 10K.  Warm day, damn glad to see the waterstop......And for a race which RW says is 'Fast and flat' it didn't seem to be particularly either - but then what do I know? 

    Delighted to read against my result " First for Club" - either you guys weren't there or you are running for someone other than the Civil Serpents image  (Salisbury AC?)


  • Hi Roger,

    Just gentle tongue-in-cheek banter between Hodge and Earney!   Terry did run the race, I didn't enter it!   I have now recovered from breaking my ankle in Basra last October and am in full training for the Disney Marathon in Orlando in January (post Iraq family holiday!).

     May catch you later in the year?

     Terry - Ta for emails last night, will reply when I get home.   On a day like this, I wish I was retired like you.   I'm going for my lunch time 8 today to Great Wishford from Land Forces at Wilton - could be warm!   Received my final training plan from Liz Yelling last night which I'll also copy to you later.


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