Hamstring injury

Since 10-16 months, I used to get a pulling sensation in the back of one of my thighs when beginning to run, which would usually go away or substantially lighten during the run. Until the next morning, when it would be almost impossible to properly stretch my leg. So, I increased stretching exercises directly after running to about 15mins. Sometimes it makes it a bit better, sometimes it doesn't.

Call me stupid, but I always thought running was ok because it didn't hurt while running. It took me this long to google and figure out that it's very likely to be a hamstring injury, and that these injuries would specifically not hurt during exercise due to the better blood circulation. Duh. No idea where and when I got this from. Anyway, I guess I'd better give it a proper rest now.

I think I really need to keep at least a bit active though. What sports or exercise would you suggest that don't put any strain on the hamstring? Currently, I can't do anything without a warm up - the other day, I limped to catch my bus when attempting to run, and I get the same pulling sensation (though not pain, usually) even when getting up from my desk after a while of working.


  • swimming

    possibly cycling

    When I did pilates we did lots of hamstring stretches, that could be good meanwhile

  • well with rehabilitation you first need to deal with increasing your range of movement (ROM). You can do this by stretching like you have been doing already but ensure you're stretching all the parts of the hamstring - you can do this by slightly rotating the leg and you will feel different parts of your hamstring hurting- This is however, dependent on whether it is your hamstring. It may neurological - what type of pain is it? Achey, pins& needles, stabbing? - does it radiate anywhere or is it just contained on a specific spot? Its hard to give you exercises with out knowing some info. Try doing the slump test, you'll find this on youtube on how you do it - and it will indicate whether it is muscular or neurological.

    If it is indeed hamstring injury - continue stretching and once you have equal ROM compared to the uninjured leg start doing some strengthening exercises. Leg curls, dead lifts (starting with lighter weight ans increasing as your legs become stronger).

    Rowing would be good thing to do and swimming as this will the circulation and increase healing time. Just ensure that you dont take any Anti-inflammatory meds because these actually slow down the healing time. Instead take paracetamol for the pain.

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