Am I the only one...

I would hate to think you were all working as well as chatting!


  • It's the only way to survive the week.

    Hoorah POETS day already !!!!!!!
  • Certainly not. Even managed 2 pint in the Roscoe Head at lunchtime. Probably a good job that I have applied for VR.
  • Good to hear it. The only thing resembling work going on in my corner is trying to get to the end of Acno - an addictive 2d game...
    roll on 5pm...
  • vagrant runner?
  • I've shirked responsibilty all day. Company will fold on Monday. Nevermind it's Friday
  • I went shopping with a friend this afternoon. But didn't buy anything, which was a huge shame, as I really need a winter coat. I find that the quality of clothing in the UK is generally quite poor - too many synthetic, thin fibres/materials, and not enough serious wool for the damp, cold, badly heated and insulated winters!
  • The boss is on holiday so I skived off. Incidentally I post from home but can read the forums from work - is there any way to post from work (as well as from home) using the same name?

  • VR = voluntary redundancy. I'm fed up with my job, it is starting to depress me, I'm losing enthusiasm for things that I really enjoy. So I fancy a total career change, but I don't know what. I was on holiday a couple of weeks ago on the Isle of Arran and the thought of going back to work was starting to spoil my holiday. I guess it is time for a change. Anyone got any ideas?
  • What do you do FF? What did you enjoy about the job you had? What did you hate about it?
  • FF, just come back from my hols today and am in a similar situation to you. Ruined my last 2 days worrying.

    Whilst away went to a candle workshop and saw a couple who really loved their work. Lived next door the workshop and just seemed really content with life. I need to know their secret...
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