Blisters on the instep

I have been running in the same brand of trainers (the Asics 2000 series) for years without any trouble but recently have had trouble with a recurring blister on my right instep. No idea why this has started to happen but need some advice because the problem is getting quite bad. No amount of plasters or padding seem to help.

 Anyone got any ideas?


  • Maybe your socks are the problem? Are they a bit worn?
  • I am plauged with blisters on both my insteps, and after doing a lot of research into this, I have found that...... wait for it....... some people are just more prone to blisters than others!  I have to wrap my feet up in zinc oxide tape everytime I go for a run.  As for you, I really can't tell you why this has suddenly started, but zinc oxide tape helps, as does those 'Thurlos' running socks with the padding in the instep.
  • as has been said, good running socks - also compeed blister plasters are excellent. They stay on very well, and are great both as a preventitive and when you already have blisters.

     Also If you have recently upgraded to a different model of the asics it might just be that they don't suit you anymore.

  • I have a compeed stick too which you just rub on like a lipsalve and that's very effective.
  • Have you seen this thread Definitive Blister Cure - plus did not mention in that thread, something else I've used is Friars Balsam, it's meant to be used as an inhalant, but you can use it direct to the skin, and it hardens / drys the skin really well - must be the balsamic (vinegar) element in it!
  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭

    Some people harden their feet, others like to keep them softer.  I'm in the soft camp and use tape and vaseline.  Not sure if the blisters would be worse on hardened skin! 

  • Asics GT 2110 gave me blisters on both my insteps. Any combination of socks - vaseline etc. made no difference. Asics Kayano's cured the problem instantlyimage
  • get some of this, it works for blisters on hands from rowing

  • Had the same problem with my 2120's, I have just changed to a neutral shoe Saucony Jazz II and now i only get a blister on the right foot !!

    I was told the stability 2120 was probably the cause as i didn't need the support part of the shoe and this caused the rubbing ............... well it's half worked.

    Always been prone to blisters in that area anyway to be honest and theres no real pattern to it, tried sock changes to no avail I usually just live with it and hope i have a good day.

  • I recently  had awful blisters on my insteps too.  This was  due to orthotics for overpronation.  I now use surgical spirit on my feet to harden them up a bit and this seems to have helped enormously.  

    Hope your feet get better soon.

  •  I also used to wear asics 2120s and after getting my gait assessed found I needed a neutral shoe and I dont get instep blisters anymore. I am also quite flat footed, so the 2120s dont have enough room at the instep for my feet. I'm not sure why your feet would be fine with the shoes for years though and then start having problems - was it a new pair?
  • Thanks to everyone who sent in suggestions on how to stop this problem of blisters on the instep. I gave running a rest for a few days then ran with it strapped up until it finally healed. I tried a few of the suggestions and tonight I tried the one where someone sugested putting vaseline on my instep before I set off and (touch wood) this seems to have worked a treat.

     Thank you all - keep on running

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