305 or 405

Which should I go for any recommendations (not too bothered about price unless the difference in them is so minimal its not worth it) I do want to be able to easily read the screen when running though. At the mo I just have my nike + on my i-pod but the rate and distance is so small I cant see it to alter my pace without either stopping or falling over reading it




  • Would think the 305 would be easier to read - it's quite chunky and screen size definitely bigger than watchface size of 405.  You can alter the display screen setup as well so gives you the info you actually want clearly displayed.  Never used the 405 but think I might prefer the push button technology of 305 to touch screen type inputs that could perhaps be altered inadvertently.

  • I really don't like the chunkiness of the 305 but it's probably personal taste.  the 405 is excellent though.  the touch bezel is pretty nifty, and you can lock it so that you don't press anything by mistake.  i can easily read it - it displays 3 things during a workout - 2 of these are small and the other large, i think you can change which is the largest.  i have the timer as largest and pace and distance smaller.  it also has a virtual partner so you can directly race against yourself on previously done courses.  the bezel makes it easy to flick between the data and heart rate, and i think you can set it to auto scroll if you have the bezel locked.  

     all being said, i never had the 305, i really don't like the look of it, so i'm biased towards the 405.  

  • Not actually touched a 405 yet Mrs Moby but I did see one on someone's arm on Sunday at a race and I'd say there's not a great deal of difference in screen size.
  • The 405 is clearly an evolution of the 305 not a revolution. Fundamentals are the same/very similar and in many ways you could argue (as many have on here) that there's no point spending the extra for the differences.

    I prefer the 405 - much neater unit, wireless connection is very good, aesthetics better, seems to pick up satellites quicker. Is this enough to justify the extra cost ? That's up to the individual. I'm very happy with it.

  • We've got a 205 and by the time it locks on to the satellites, Paula Radcliffe's won and is having lunch! image That's progress for you - the other two are bound to better!

  • I just bought a 305. I've never really used a HRM, but for an additional £30, I thought I might as well opt for the 305 as opposed to the 205. In my opinion the 405 was just too expensive for what you gain.
  • Well you wait 2 years it will only cost £130 quid and we'll be talking about the 505 image

  • Someone with too much money is bound to get bored with theirs soon and stick it on Ebay......image
  • Let me take it off your hands Liverbird?
  • Oooh decision decisions. saw the 305 today when i went to first running club meet and it wasnt as big as I expected but if the 405 is better technology that is appealing. Hot Tub Alci hands off Liverbirds they live near to me so I get first dibs on any second hand gear image
  • I'll out bid you image
  • Interesting discussion, I am currently deciding on weather to spend £133.95 on a 305 (with HRM), or £219.99 on a 405 (with HRM)

    I can't make my mind up!!!

  • Where did you see the 405 for 219.99 Dan? Best I found was £240.
  • Hottubalci : Wont let you nah nah.Now should I be as decisive as danowat?? My concern is the twizzly edge as I have a nightmare with that on my i-pod always overshooy and hit wrong optionsBon
  • As I understand it, from reading the manual, you only use the "twizzly edge thing" to increase or decrease things, like virtual partner pacing etc.

    The rest of the time, you are just pressing the required spot on the bezel.

    I am hoping it is pretty straight forward to use, there are some videos here showing how the bezel works >http://www8.garmin.com/learningcenter/training/forerunner405/

  • Why is it that the virtual partner never gasps for breath or needs a wee at an inopportune moment?image

    I hate him image

  • @Liverbird, try getting the virtual training partner (very) wet.... It gets her down...
  • To clarify I managed to get water/condensation on the inside of my old Timex, it didn't seem to like it much - despite being waterproof! [or was it resistant] and having never been submerged in water! (Maybe I just run in really bad weather)
  • i just got me a 305 off amazon for 120 with HRM (exc VAT) it is bigger than the 405 but like someone said before when your runnin u need to be able to read the darn thing...plus also the 405 was just to expensive...i couldnt justify spending that to the misses...

    anyways should arrive tomorrow and got a big run sunday so lookin forward to testing it out...

  • I think the display size is comparable between the 305 and 405, so the legibility should be the same between them.

    I must confess, the two main reasons I went for the 405 were asthetics, I saw a few 305's at my last 10K run, and TBH, really couldnt bring myself to wear one, not without my star trek outfit!!!, and the fact that it's "last years model".

    I am sure the 305 is a top notch piece of kit, and between them, there isn't a huge difference, but to me, it was worth the extra.

  • Ah ha twizzle edge thing is called a bezel and you can make it less sensitive which sounds good. I dont mind size of 305 I saw one the other day and didnt think it that big TBH but then I wear a biggish watch anyway for noraml every day use. Want to be able to read the screen easily. Just trying to work out besides size and wireless connection what it the difference between 405 and 305


  • I don't think I'll be wearing either tomorrow because I've juts come in from 2 hours circuit training and spinning and I fancy I may not be able to move till Tuesday....image
  • Well, my delivery of the 405 has been made today, bloody quick considering I only ordered it Friday, only trouble is, no one was in, and it has been signed for by "michael", god knows who "michael" is !!!!.

    If I manage to retreive it from "michael", I will try it out and let you know how I get on with it.

  • After having my 405 on pre-order for months, it finally arrived today - £220 for the HRM version with postage, so shouldn't moan about the wait.

     First impression is very good, bezel works well, looks ok for size on my wrist - though i am a 16.5 stone 6 foot sixer! Will only have a couple of short training runs with it before Edinburgh Marathon on Sunday though, so am nervous that it performs ok on the day.

  • Had 305 for a year or so, now upgraded to 405. Screen size takes a bit getting used to when using three items per screenshot...otherwise AWESOME unit. Hopefully it won't loose the sound as my 305's did.
  • Stephen - shift worker or mad insomniac? 3am????? image
  • I was having this debate as well and was leaning towards the 405 as it does look very cool. But, like others have said, I couldn't really justify the extra moolah for it, especially as there are a few features the 305 has that the 405 lacks. Then I realised that as I wasn't interested in using a HRM I couldn't really justify the extra £40 on the 305 either (The cheapest I could find the 305 was £140 at the time) so, in the end, I actually went for the 205.

    It's only just arrived and I'll be giving it a first go tonight but for me it's definately the right decision as I've saved myself over £100 on the 405 and got all the features I need. Ok it doesn't look as nice but it'll do the job.

  • Ah yes I was up at 3am... MAd insomniac I think!  Must say having data for about three years on HR speed etc is very useful especially to see one's progression over time on similar courses wher HR is now lower despite faster pace. Wish I had all this data when I was much younger and fitter!
  • Sheddy,

    especially as there are a few features the 305 has that the 405 lacks.

    What are these features?
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