Gels vs Energy Drinks

I have recently started using energy/isotonic drinks when I run and am finding them very useful.  However, the bottle is very heavy and annoying to carry even though I have a special belt for it.  I am entered for a 10k at the end of June and half marathon in September and am wondering whether I can get away with using gels and water at the water stations rather than having to lug my bottle round.  I am worried about dehydration in the heat if I rely on the gels(although the British weather being what it is it will probably be raining for both races!).

 Does anybody have any advice or experiences with this?



  • You dont need gels for those distances, or energy drinks.

    You may want a little hydration though - so if you're really sure you need it - get a little donut type water bottle. There will be water stations, but you dont need huge amounts of water - trust me.
  • Thanks cougie.  I never usually drink on 10k, but was worried about the heat!  I have tried the donut type of bottle but I hate having to hold it image
  • I always take an energy gel on a half marathon.  I did a 5km the other day, I nearly died in the heat, I really wish I'd had my doughnut bottle with me.  I guess wait and see what the weathers like on the day.
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