BUPA Great Wales Run (date tbc)

£22 for a 10K?
Just as bad as last year.



  • Greedy feckers! image


  • good race....nice scenery but dont know if its worth £22.

     did it last year but dont know bout this year bit pricey..

  • i tnink not, and politely decline the invite!

    Aberdare 10k on 6th july is the one to do - fast and a tenner!

  • No !!! And it's my birthday so they should pay ME to run it  image

  • Looks like I'll be running alone. That's the only way I'll  get a prize. Admittedly it is expensive, although I actually didn't think of cost at the time of entry, just remembered I enjoyed it last year.
  • Any ideas on the start time of this run? Bupa want me to sign up without providing such information.
  • does anyone know any cardiff-specific details? without registering the only faq regarding the race is about the london run!

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