running equivalent training?

I'm training for NY marathon (my first) and have developed a chest infection. I've been given antibiotics abnd advised not to run until it clears up...Ii should be running 20 miles tomorrow (!!) and am having minor panics about not doing enough. What can I do as a useful alternative??


  • If it's a chest infection I shouldn't think you should be doing any aerobic activity.

    They say the nearest thing to running is the eliptical trainer in the gym.

    Good luck,
  • thanks for that! i haven't done anything yet but think i might try a cycle this afternoon and see how that feels.......
  • I have always found step classes a great form of training which helps running (anyone else find this ?). It tends not to be recommended for cross training as it still stresses the knees if you leap about too much. On the plus side I find it helps leg strength and adds a bit of flexibility as the moves are different. It's also great fun, and is a decent way to round off a treadmill speed session. The only problem is learning the moves !!

    But I agree with Pizza man that if you'be been advised not to run, other aerobic exercise may not be the best thing ..
  • I've always trained with chest infections - I find the vibration from running a good way to clear the secretions! Unless of course you have an elevated RHR and feel particularly unwell. But if you are going to exercise, why not run? Although 20 milers would be too much of a strain on your immune system, 30-45 min runs shouldn't be too much of a problem, but if you do kill yourself, I didn't write this.
  • Ronner, if it's a proper chest infection with fever, fatigue, breathlessness and lots of green spit, then STAY IN YOUR BED! If it's more like a dose of the cold that has "gone to your chest" and left you a bit wheezy and short of breath but otherwise OK (which is presumably the case if you're thinking of cycling), a couple of light weeks are in order.

    Pack in the fruit and vegetables and be sure to get plenty of sleep.

    You have plenty of time to catch up on lost training before the NYCM. Don't take risks with your health now.

    Cheers, boring old V-rap.
  • thanks for your help's definitely the version with lots of green spit - sorry to be graphic! i'm trying to be sensible but it's's bristol half in 2 weeks so need to be better for that!
  • Vrap is right.

    If you're sick don't run - in fact don't do anything. Take a week off - it won't kill you. Running when you're sick might (kill you).

    Sorry to be a scare-monger, but life is short enough as it is - don't risk making it any shorter.

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