Calf Muscle

Hey all,

Wondering if I can get some advice here.

My right calf muscle tends to start hurting when running (I'm also getting pins and needles in my right foot). This tends to happen after about maybe 30 mins - its not so bad that I have to stop running, but I'm certainly conscious of it.

Strangely its only my right calf that cause the problem. I did the Manchester 10k yesterday and my left calf was fine, right calf is still a little aching now.

Just wondering if its my running style, shoes, or simply my right calf is not are strong (for some reason?!). I've had this for years now (only started running again in the last 3 weeks, but had it when I played football a few years back - would have to come off after about 70 mins hobbling).



  • i have had the calf trouble over the years you may be overpronate or your shoes are  causing you to strike with weight on one side of your calf which is the loadbearer . the pins and needles suggest shoe which  maybee too big  causing your foot to claw slightly  to keep it on  right . do you know what i mean?

    i always got calf strains after i  changed footwear to new . i cured a calf injury  before by doing a stretch using a chair to lean over and stretch the whole of my back  and hamstrings   put you r arms  resting on the upright back of the chair and keeping legs shoulder width apart  bend at right angles putting your head down  as you bend to get your back as straight as possible you  will feel a pull right down you hamstrings and calfs. sorry if you already know this !! im 47 and  getting on a bit you know!! but it worked for me!!

  • Thanks for reply.

     I guess the starting point is to go to a proper running shop and see what they say about my running style and current trainers...

     I'll try the stretch out tomorrow before and after running and see what happens - again thanks for the help, I'll let you know how I get on...

  • Hi Greg

    I was running at first in cross trainers, my feet were hot and sore my knees ached and I got pins and needles in both feet.

    The sports shop said I was flat footed and suggested a pair of shoes to really support my feet. They are fabulous to run in, and even though my legs ache due to running I don't get the soreness I did when I first started.

    Shoes are worth every penny you can afford to spend on them...

    Good luck


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