Great Cumbrian Run Half-Marathon

I can't believe my luck! Nobody else has started the thread yet for this great race!! I'd better get in quick before someone else steals my thunder!!!  

A most welcome piece of mail came through my front door last week - it was the application pack for the GCR 2008. Having participated in this wonderful event for each of the past three years, it was almost like a finding a familar friend waiting for me on the door mat!!

An amazing new City Centre route is promised on the front of the strengths of this event is that the race organisers, and in particular, the race director (Mike James) constantly seek to improve the event through actively listening to the feedback of the participants year on year and attempting to act on it wherever possible. 

This, for me, is one of the reasons as to why I choose to continue to support what has become my favourite event of the running calendar and why I look forward to making the return journey to the lovely City of Carlisle this Autumn. In so doing, I hope to meet up with friends old and new and also to chewing the cud over the coming months with many more forumites on this thread. For the past few years, this has been a most friendly and informative race thread and it is my sincere hope that this year will be prove to be no exception!!

So here's to another superb GCR!!



  • I was wondering when someone was going to start a thread on this one! image

    This year will be my 3rd one...and the new route is an exciting new addition to will be interesting to see what it does in terms of race times/PB's.

    Very exciting!!

  • Boycs...think you might have started this a tad on the early side! image
  • Hello again Morgs! Good to "converse" again. Hope you're well.

    Naaaaah! It's never too early to start a thriving discussion about an event like this!

    I thought I was being optimistic by looking in on this thread for the first time in July last year - wondering whether anything had been started - only to find that it was not only up and running but I had about 200 posts to catch up on!

    I only looked in on this one again today to see if there had been any respondents - so I'm sure that some of the regulars will be back on board before long - especially now that we've had the reminder of the application packs being sent out.

    I've just recruited another runner for this event this morning! For some reason I had two application packs sent to me so I've just passed my spare on to a friend who has fancied this one for a while but has never yet done it and he's as keen as mustard!

    The more the merrier, I say!!

  • Absolutely fine and dandy Boycs! image

    Did Windermere last week...stopped off in Carlisle each way for train change over...made me smile! image

    Yep...the more the merrier!!

    Will be sorting my entry out next week...wonder if I will manage to get myself further up the t-shirt listing this year!

  • Liking the look of this one!!  Done Windemere Marathon last weekend and am looking for something to fill the void.

    Might see if anyone else fancies it  and arrange a club day out.

  • Very glad to hear that Morgs!

    Now that's a point - I should get my entry in early this year so at least I can get my name on the t shirt - I left my entry so late last year that I missed out altogether!! (Note to self - enter race soon!)

    And welcome aboard Jayne!

    You're both very brave people - Windermere marathon - as beautiful and scenic as it undoubtedly all sounds a bit too hilly for my liking!

    I know the old GCR route was pretty flat (with one or two noteable exceptions) and I'm hopeful that the new course will be absolutely pancake flat (fingers crossed!) If Mike (James) looks in on this thread, could you please let us know what the new course is like in terms of its (hopefully) horizontal nature?

  • Hi Jayne!

    Boycs...Yep...Hills of Death!! image...well they felt like it at the time!!...would definitely recommend it though! image

    I have it on good authority (Millsy) that the new route will be slightly more undulating...and more scenic (I thought it was lovely as it was)...but certainly nothing to worry about!

  • Strangely enough, I've just read an e-mail from our source of good authority, the aforementioned Millsy, in which he described the route but there were no clues as to its lateral composition, so thanks for the info Morgs.

    Millsy also tells me that he was another brave soul who did battle with your "Hills of Death" at the Windermere marathon.

    You all have my complete respect and admiration!!

  • This will be my first half-marathon and I'm really looking forward to it (in a strange kind of way!!). I'm local to the area, so have an idea of the route (including some hills!) Will have to have a drive round in. the car at some point to get a better idea.

    Only just started running again (used to run a lot until I was 18 and had to stop due to sore hips and knees), so needing to build up training.

    It's good to hear that it sounds like a popular race.

    Kath xxx

  • Hello Peeps!

    Well here we are again.  Bit depressing to think that we're talking about an autumn half marathon before May bank holiday, but it's never too early to start a thread such as this, so well done Boycs.  Looks as though this could be a Windermere marathon reunion.  We may even be able to drum up some support for next year's marathon Morgs?

    I have to admit, as already suggested, that you wont find this to be a pancake flat PB course, although if you did Windermere on Sunday you may feel otherwise.  I have seen Mike a couple of times in the past week but not had a chance to talk.  If I do I'll quiz him about the radical course change, unless he comes on here to explain.  My theory would be that he just wanted to spice things up a bit, and this should certainly do the trick, but I'm pretty sure it will be a big success.  So gather up all your friends and get yourselves to Carlisle in October.  You will enjoy image

  • You've sussed my plan Millsy!...thats me well and truly rumbled! image

    I'm really looking forward to this one! image

  • Boing! image
  • Aye aye...the GCR thread is up and running again.I'll fill my entry form off soon.

    Even with the earlier start time this year,I cannot keep away.

    Good to see some Windemere survivors.

  • Welcome back Mick!

    Good to see you're still in fine fettle!!

    It would appear that you are another of the Windermere marathoners to whom I should doth my cap in due deference - well done!!

    I'm glad that the GCR still has the same lure for you and that you've been tempted back again!

    A warm welcome to Kathleen too - glad to have you on board! Even though you've had a break in your running career - once your back into the swing, you'll find it all comes back to you quite easily! Nice and easy does it!

    And the Millsmeister makes a welcome return to the GCR thread as well. For all of those non-local runners who are going to be taking part, Millsy is "Our man in Carlisle" and aside from being an awfully decent chap, he's the font of knowledge about local conditions etc. Good to see you back Millsy!!

  • I'm not sure about this one yet - I know how good a race this is, but it's only 3 weeks after I'm running Berlin marathon and I'm not convinced that I'll be fit for it.

  • DD...go know you want to!...I'm doing Loch Ness marathon two weeks before...I'm not convinced either that I will be really up to this...but the new route has just got to be tested!

    Hello Mick!

  • Hello Morgs

    Go on DD-ive just done Windemere and Edinburgh marathons in 7 days.image

  • Ahoy me hearties, wondering if a thread had started for this. What a dilemma I'm in this year. My local race is Jedburgh Half which is normally the last weekend in October, but this year they've brought it forward to week so that it now clashes with GCR. I'd much prefer to do GCR but the easier option would be Jed. There were five of us going to come down to Carlisle this year as well but I'm not sure now. We could have a mutiny ahead of us! I'll make a decision in the next cople of weeks.

    Absolutely love this race. Mike James must be one of the hardest working organisers who listens and tries to improve. It's great that he's making changes to the start as there's been a bottleneck round the first park each of the last two years I've run this. The stadium finish is also great and I just hope that we get a longer run in this year. I liked running 3/4 round the track in 2006, last year we only had a short stretch.

    This is a special race for me as it was the first of my 82 half marathons that I've run. (I've only run 1 marathon- halfs/halves? are much better fun). That was in 1984 when I was 16! The race then was from Brampton to Carlisle and I'm sure there was over 6000 runners. In 1984 I ran a time of 1.37, last year I ran 1.36. At this progress I will be 170 before I get under 1.30!

    Nice to see some familiar  names. It's good to be back!

  • Eh up cockers.

    Did this in 2006 (as my first half) and will do it again this year.  The stadium finish in 2006 was superb.

     Is the new course completely different? And is it more hilly?

  • Hi Rob

    I know its starting at the Castle this year...I think its heading in a slightly different direction as well...I have it on good authority that it will be slightly more 'undulating'...but a bit more 'easy on the eye'...not that it wasnt before!...thats about as much as I can tell you as I'm not local. image

  • Rob - As a Blues season ticket holder I wouldn't have told you anything a couple of weeks ago, but then came Doncaster image..........................................................................Only joking image

    The course is completely different and their are some 'undulations'.  'Hills' is probably an exaggeration but it's all relative really.  As far as I know the finish is still at the stadium, which is good.  As for the rest of the route, let me know what you want to know, but to be honest unless you know the area, it may be difficult to explain.  The first couple of miles takes us along the main A6 which leads to junction 42 of the M6, whilst the last mile or so holds a real treat as we'll be passing Brunton Park.  What a pleasure that will be for some! 

  • Evening all,

    I was wondering how long it would be before Millsy brought up that infamous word "Doncaster!" As soon as I saw Rob's badge (which was a most welcome sight for a fellow Peacock who's licking his wounds after the disapointment of the Play Off Final), imageI knew it would be too much for Millsy to resist! grudges held....but just wait til next season Millsy!image

    I'm approaching the new route with some excitement and some caution...just hope it's more of a horizontal slant on the word undulating!!

    Having had another longish lay off, I'll be beginning my preparations for this years GCR with a 10k trot in 3 weeks time at the Jane Tomlinson Race for All in Leeds City centre on 22/06. Crikes - I'd better get some training done!!

  • Wasn't me that brought the subject up Boycs.  You wouldn't catch me basking in someone else's discomfort image.
  • We'll be reet for next year.  Don't begrudge Donny - best side I saw at ER this year - and a decent manager and chairman too.

     I liked he last course, couple of hills but flatish.  Still, more hills will make the pb all the more pleasing image

    I've hardly run for the past year so training only started recently for me.  Plenty of time though.

  • Evenin' folks

    Absolutely gutted to have missed this last year through injury. Hope to be back again for the new route.

     I've been out of proper running since last August, Rob - like you just back into it. As you say, plenty of time.

    Mick, are you driving over on the day?

  • XL-Aye more than likely.Do you want a lift over?
  • Hello XL...nice to 'see' you again...fingers crossed all is well with you this year image
  • Hi, Morgs

    Thanks - yes fingers well and truly crossed. I've been back running for a little over a month now - touch wood it's so far so good.

     Not sure at the moment, Mick. Lots of uncertainties. Is it Ok if I call on you nearer the time, happy to offer petrol money or the equivalent in the black stuff  :0)

  • Morgs-Have you entered yet?

    XL-Aye nee bother mate.I'll pencil you in for a lift.I can take 6 over in the jam jar.

  • not yet but I will be shortly! image
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