Great Cumbrian Run Half-Marathon



  • awwwwww Millsy-

    bad luck - and your home race too

    I've been on a mini- break and consumed a lot of cake and wine, just been on a long run in a vain attempt to make up for it

    blimey- its freezing and windy on those hills round here
    its a pain having to go and pick up the chip thingy the day before- ah weeeeel will have to go shopping

    only just over a week to go peeps

  • My running partner isn't going to be able to make it as she hasn't recovered from an ankle injury in time. The website says no refunds or transfers but does anyone know if it's possible to defer a place for next year? Cheers.
  • My, you're getting a hard time Millsy. Good job that you have a thick head, sorry, skin! Sorry, couldn't help but join in!

    RR, I agree with Skippers Mate on the carb loading. I just try to avoid anything too spicy the night before  (and fish because I once got food poisoning the night before I was due to run). I think it's more important to get some breakfast into you. I like porridge with a bit honey. The other thing I try to do is make sure to drink plenty water leading up to a longer run.

  • Millsy take heart my friend.
    Don`t you feel better knowing that you goy me into this one.
    What joy to be had from helping one`s mates.
    You are beink too quiet .......... are you gonna be there to share the joy of your fellow runners and maybe indulge in a pint....and maybe even collect ur £5.00?
  • I'll be lurking!
  • Friday night, weekend off Skol in hand, run already done, two Wales v England matches on the telly and a roaring fire going. Life is good.
  • Glass half empty tonight mate?

    Mind you we lost 74-0 in the rugby

  • At least it wasn't proper rugby.

    well, one week to go, one last decent run planned this weekend, 6 miles on the trails should be about right, then maybe a spin class to loosen the legs midweek and a couple of short easy jogs, and no more Skol or curry, well not after tonight anyway.

    Millsy, are you going to come and say hello a the start, whatever state you're in? And any suggestion for a meeting point as you're local?

  • Mike how do you maintain such a Spartan lifestyle???
    I bet you interview prospective candidates for the SAS.
    No Skol.....and God knows what are living like a Tibetan monk mate.
    I only hope some of the weaker runners can aspire to your example.
    (hee hee hee!)
  • Oh, so you want me to turn up so you can laugh at me do you?  And I suppose you'll be asking which ankle is damaged so you'll know where to kick me image.  Tch.........some people image
  • Some people indeed hey Millsy! My word but you've been taking a fearful battering in these past few pages mate! And even though you're a Carlisle fan, I still have some sympathy for you - or should that be because you're a Carlisle fan? image(What was that about people in glass houses - it's not as if I'm in a position to crow!!)

    Now I've only been an absentee from the thread for a wee while and it appears it's all been kicking off!!

    I don't know...I turn my back for 5 minutes and there you are (Millsy) getting into scrapes with all of those nasty mean boys - now what have I told you about playing nicely??

    But seriously mate, I'm really, really sorry to read about your plight! And with you having just done that rather hilly marathon in some or other beautiful part of the Lakes (Langdale?), you'd have been in tip top condition for a belter of a GCR - taunts and all!!

    Because several pages of posts had been added since I last tuned in, I must admit that I rather speed read approx two pages and so apologies if I've overlooked something that I later go on to duplicate! I know that you fell over and your ankle has been all of the colours under the sun for the past week or so, but did you fall whilst out running or just out and about doing your everyday business? And the other loose end for me was you said it was a suspected fracture and a probable something else.....I'm guessing that there is now an air of confirmation about this now - which no doubt is accompanied by the inevitability of our not seeing you in racing attire this GCR (well not unless you feel so inclined!!)

    You know me Millsy, a stickler for please put me at my ease and provide me with the knowledge which I so crave!

    And before eagle eyed SM asks the question, no.....I've not been out on the razz....or for a curry in order to be posting in the wee small hours of the morning.....the cause of my insomnia is an 18 month old who is presently sat on my knee and who would appear to have an aversion to sleep!! (Having said that, I do have a glass of rouge vin on the go......but just the one mind!!)

    BTW - well done to Mick for your good showing in the GNR!! And I'm glad that Mick and Morgs appear to have made good recoveries from their recent ailments!!

  • mmmmmmmmm do we believe him?
    From my own experience it is too well written for a bloke who`s been out on the p... tiles. (unlike Morgs`s post lager and curry ones)
    But as it is his thread we will let him off this time.
    Millsy I am hurt that you think I could be so cruel to a fellow runner and forumite who is down on his luck.
    Now do I go out on them hills in this cold windy rain????
    Being a MAN of course I will add to the pleasure ;0)
    In fact I might wait a bit to see if it gets worse.
  • Millsy - a Carlisle fan too - I'll back off. You've got enough problems mate!

    Is it true Wrexham are your bogey side?

  • Now then, where should I begin?

    Boycs - Yes, reports of my demise are not exaggerated.  I do have a small fracture of the malleolus fibula, and despite being a tough Northerner this will prevent me from running anytime soon.  Some of the 'characters' on here are taking great delight in this situation as they realise that this will move them one place further up the list of finishers next weekend.  I should point out at this stage that this is not the same as beating me, and they cannot really claim to have finished ahead of me, if I haven't actually started (although I don't think that this particular fact will spoil the story for some - will it SM?)  The injury was the result of a confrontation with a pack of howling wolves whilst I was nearing the end of a particularly strenuous workout (don't bother reading back, it's true), so you could call it an Industrial Injury I suppose.  I do have every intention of appearing next Sunday, but clearly not in vest and shorts.  It will be good to see some old friends again, and SM will be there too!  Miami Mike asked about a meeting point earlier but to date I'm a bit stumped as I haven't given this much thought.  I think that everyone has to congregate inside the Castle before the start and not having been in there for many years I'm not sure what to suggest, but I'll think of something.

    And now the football.  As you know we have already played 'your lot' this season and we finished second best, which is becoming a bad habit just now, but you win nothing by being at the top of the league in October and it wouldn't be a complete disaster for us to stay in League One.  We haven't quite fallen as far, as quickly, as some other teams.  Which leads me on to Wrexham, who, last time I looked, were a full two divisions below my team, and actually playing what is known as non-league football.  We tried that a few years ago, didn't like it, so came back with a vengance after only one season.  Presumably Wrexham will be doing the same?  I like their tactics of starting slowly and catching others by surprise later in the season but the clocks go back in a few weeks Mike so winter's nearly here and it could be a long one in North Wales.  Never mind, Wrexham could apply to join the League of Wales.  I'm sure they would have some success there.

    Ah well, I feel better now.  Keep up the training everyone...................................and watch out for those dogs.

  • Good one Millsy hee hee hee!
    And I believe ur story cos I been there myself.......damn packs of wolves can be a real pain in the arse!
    Just to let u know I did an hour on the moor today in what a normal bloke might call "appalling conditions" and can u believe it I never saw another human soul?.........bunch of pansies.
    We should meet for a beer after.
    Who`s up for it?......start a list somebody.
  • 'another human soul'

    Could you explain this comment?

  • Ha ha`re right it should have been super-human.
    But it`s a rest for me today.
    I just realised what a big race this is.....3000 entries last year!!!
    But I wonder how many actually ran it?.....there`s always loads of dreamers who bottle out at the MOT.
    Also Millsy know when I was 5th from last in the Yorkshireman. Well it said 150 odd entries but only 113 finished so 37 plus either chickind out or threw the towel in so reeely I wasn`t 5th from last was I?.....even though me and my mate got lost and did about 2 miles more than the rest of `em.......not that it bothers me you understand.
    Morgs talk to us.....Millsy will be gettink self-conscious (you know what he`s like with ladeeze).....I wunt be surprised if he turns up on crutches and tries for the wounded soldier routine. (try a bandage with some ketchup on it round your head for extra effect Millsy)
  • Morning all

    Millsy-Whey man there's nowt wrang with ya.image

    Morgs-Happy birthday.imageimageimage

  • Mick I heard a rumour that Terry Wogan was after Millsy to replace Pudsey the teddy bear.....what do you think?
  • Afternoon folks

    Thank you for the birthday wishes....however it was my birthday yesterday...apart from mentioning that the GCR was the weekend after my birthday which is sort of ambiguous really, I've kept it fairly quiet as I'm not overly happy about clocking up another year on the old age scale imageimage

    Anyway, it was absolutely gorgeous this morning. Thoroughly enjoyed my run. Sea front was lovely. Did 8.5 miles.

    Cant believe this race is one week away  

  • Mick, I've mailed you image
  • Happy Belated Burps Morgs image

    You share your birthday with, among others, my daughter, although I think she may be a couple of years (or even decades) younger than your goodself image.

    Mick - It's a fracture for goodness sake!  And the doctor said that if you fracture this particular bone then the pain is so much worse for us blokes than for girlies..............................honest.

    SM - Whichever way you look at it you were fifth last. So you may as well get over it...................okay?

  • And I will still do better than you next week!
  • Even if I am 5th from last again.
  • And I got a bad shoulder and a bad back.
  • But do I complain?????
  • And beink last is no fact it is an honour cos it was a hell of a lot harder the last one to finish than the first.
  • us blokes .............please explain
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