cycling (indoors!)

I decided to do some cross training seeing as everyone else is at it. Cycling was the best option but now it's dark by the time I get in from work my husband has produced a Tacx excel tubo trainer. Has anyone any useful tips or good sessions to help me.


  • I used to be a racing cyclist and using the Turbo was a necessary evil when the weather prevented training out on the roads.

    A turbo isn't really any good for simply spinning (an easy hour on a turbo is probably equivalent to spending an hour in a sauna with a train spotter - boring and extremelly sweaty) but is a great aid for anyone looking to do some good quality interval training.

    Pick intervals lengths that suit you but as a beginner try to start off relatively easily and build up i.e 20 secs hard in the saddle followed by 40secs - 1min easy. 3 sets of 5 with 5-8 mins between each set should do the job. Also remember to spend 15 mins warming up and 5 mins warming down in order that you don't fall over once you get off.

    Also remember to have lots of liquid available during and after the session.

    Good luck!!
  • I'm a triathlete and use a regular turbo session in my training. Try which is a magazine for triathletes or try this one.....put on some music and pedal to the different tempos for 30 mins...alternatively try watching something you've recorded on your VCR or a running video, anything to pass the time.
    Make sure you have plenty of water as you will get hot and a fan is a great cooler...also a towel to stop the sweat from dripping into your headset/brakes etc and causing corosion. Happy Turbo-ing!!
  • Thanks for all the advice. A fan and some good music is a must.
    I'm sure it's going to help my running by giving me better leg strength (cross country season starts soon).
    Little Fill- I haven't had any success with the website address is it correct?
  • The site is
  • The turbo is your best friend! I am a triathlete and I love mine. Just spinning can do you plenty of good for recovery. I find it works well post racing, or as a warm up for a good stretch. If you want serious turbo workouts go to and go to the training section, which has a great excel spreadsheet with lots of workouts on it.

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