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Hi all!I have 1 run left on my first introductory training plan which has seen me from zero to running 4 miles (every other day) in 9 weeks. I must say I absolutely love it and have been completely bitten by the running bug!My problem now is where to go from here? I have not quit on any of my runs so far because I have had a goal and structured plan in place. As my training plan is now very close to ending though, I really want to have a good target in place to make sure I carry on progressing.I have access to a weights bench and mountain bike so cross training is a real option. I do my weights in-between each running session at the moment and have also started to creep the odd bike ride in. Although I consider myself a reasonable cyclist, I have kept this to a minimum after getting mild calf pain (through lack of rest?).Finally, I have read lots of articles about training for my fist race but have taken the advice to not rush into competitive running and wait until I can really enjoy it. This leaves me at a bit of a loss though as to what my new target should be.Currently running an average of 8:00’s but still overweight (14.5 stone and falling! J) 

Love to hear your comments!


  • Hi

    You sound to be doing very well.  Why don't you do a 10k run in the summer?  It will give you something to aim towards, then you might like to either do another and see if you get a better time, or perhaps try a longer race?  It depends what you enjoy really, but you are obviously getting a lot fitter.

  • It sound's like you're making good progress - Keep it up.

    Many people train for a 10k, and not all of them want to be competitive on race day. This means there are plenty of training schedules out there and plenty of fellow newbies to run with on race day. Having said that, if you could run a 10K at 8-minute-mile pace, by my rough calculation you would finish in about 50 minutes, which is far from slow.

    Feel free to ignore me, as I have never run 10K in my life!

  • Hi!

     Thanks for your reply!

     I think deep down I would love to do a 10k run. Maybe it would be a good option... I think the only reason I have held off is because it has only been 9 weeks since I couldn't even run 3 mins! Maybe it would give me a confidence boost!

    Any other suggestions or is Redpanda on the button!


  • Ha

    That makes a change for me! I am a complete novice, I only started running 3 months ago, but completed the Manchester 10 last Sunday, I did it in 58 mins, but was hampered by the walkers and very slow runners, which was annoying!  It gives you a nice boost though when you realise you are not that slow, and you overtake so many people!

    There are loads of 10k on in the summer, have a look and get your name down.  As the previous poster said, 50 mins is a brilliant time.

  • Sounds like you are doing brilliantly!  I think the Great North Run is a good first half marathon - not until October so you'll be an old-hand by then!  It sounds like you're pretty speedy, so this may not be relevant, but I think it's good to know that there will always be thousands of people behind you at the GNR.  Being new to running (and not very speedy), races worry me in case I am so slow they close then run before I get anywhere.  I know there are lots of frustrations with the GNR (not good for PB's) but personally, for people new to racing I think it's good.  I think if you use it simply to run the distance, not aim for a specific time it would be good.  And then you have a benchmark time to aim for improvement on to go on from there.  Only thing is that all places are taken now, but charity places are still available (plug plug for RNIB - see here!).  Also, not sure how easy/cheap it is to get accommodation now.  Alternative for October would be the Royal Parks half marathon in London in October too - I think their cut-off is about 3 hours, so you would be fine.  Good luck and keep going, whatever you settle on!
  • Although you say you dont want to get into competitive running, it might be an idea to enter a race just to give you a goal. Try to choose a charity based event where there will be lots of first timers and dont worry about finishing in a certain time. Getting to the start line without injury is challenge enough! A 10k in the summer or half marathon in the autumn sounds like it might suit you, although I am no expert. Another thing to look at might be triathlon if you can swim too.
  • Hi!

    Thank you all for your input! Sorry it has been so long since I have sent a reply - my computer went AWOL over the bank holiday! I have taken in your comments and have started looking for a race to enter this summer. I also went out and got the Samsung MiCoach (which I must say is brilliant!). I have already started running 10k each Sunday and will be looking to improve my time ready for the race. I have also started looking for a running club to make sure I don't loose motivation!

    Thanks again - I hope some of you get this post.

    All the best,


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