Does walking count as cross-training?

If cycling is regarded as cross-training would walking also count? Or are different muscles involved in cycling?

 Would hill work use the same muscles as cycling?

So could hill walking be seen as cross-training? 


  • with regards to the hill walking, it certainly won't be doing any harm and will increase endurance to a certain extent but for it to be classed as cross traing you need to get your heart rate up to what it woulf be if you were runing

    Best you get walking quicklyimage

  • imageWalking Rocks!image

    Hal Higdon incorporates a lot of walking into his training programmes and John (Penguin) Bingham and Galloway are both huge fans of the benefits of walking for running

    Walking is biomechanically different from running and cycling  but the big thing is it is low impact so spares your joints a bit /lot

    think of it as active recovery

    sometimes you even get to the point where you have to choose one over the other ....image

  • For my ultramarathon training I did a 13mile power-walk (strong use of arms, long stride, heel-toe landing) at about 13-14 min/mile pace. The next day the muscles were fine but  my joints were stiff and tendons were sore. I've done a few of these extra long walks and they get easier. I think walks are beneficial.

  • Silk - what sort of walking are you talking about.

    I have done a few lond distances walks, carry the tents and gear, they defintely count, hilly, with a pack etc is hard work and gets you very fit and strong.

    Won't stop you getting out of breath running though ......

  • SilkTorkSilkTork ✭✭✭

    I was thinking of long distance walking, especially hilly.

    I've walked up and down Snowden and that certainly felt like a good cross-training session.

    I was thinking at least 10 miles at a brisk pace. My wife walks but doesn't run. We will do a bit of walking, and - for example - we did a 12 mile charity walk last weekend at a decent pace which included a few hills. It certainly felt like a good work out., and I wondered afterwards if it could be considered cross-training. I usually consider such walking to be recreational, but wondered if there could be plus benefits to walking that would aid my running.

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