i need help

Have done my first 5ks, race for life and flora light challenge. Both were women only with walkers, I want to train so I can do 10k events next year but want races that are not too intimidating.
Any ideas on races and training advice going from 5 to 10k apreciated.


  • Look around for 10ks which have a fairly large number of runners, that way you will always get a mixture of fast, slow and fun runners in the race.

    with regard to training, what do you do now?
  • If the aim is to complete the 10k then all you need to do is add half a mile or so to your long runs to build up to around 6 miles.

    Once you get to this level then you can think about adding to your training (speed/intervals/fartlek) all of which sounds daunting , BUT you have already made the next step so don't be put off by the jargon.

    I think on this site they have a beginners 10k schedule (over 8-10 weeks) if not I'm sure one of us forumites can dig one out.

    I'm not sure where in the country you live,but feel certain that you will not feel intimidated (or be last which is a common fear for debutantes) whichever race you choose. Also don't necessarily agree that you need a big race, I've found that the local (village) 10ks with up to 500 runners include a lot of locals obviously roped into it by mates/dares/spouses as well as the usual local 'elite'.

    Check out the 'events' site to keep an eye on upcoming races,better still you can always meet up with fellow forumites and irrespective of times I think you'll find everyone is very encouraging.
    At this weekends Great South (10miles) there are a group of us hopefully meeting up with targets from sub 1 hr to 2hr+

    Good luck with the training and keep us posted with the race updates...
  • Hi Denise,

    I have done a couple of 5k races too - and have got a 10k race tomorrow! (arghgh) I started running in april, so I think I have done quite well.

    It wasn't too bad building up to 10k, but I have to admit I am not the best at keeping up with training (miss the odd session). However, I have done several 6 mile training runs, and it is quite enjoyable. I will have sections tomorrow that I might have to walk - but I am not here for record times, I am merely wanting to improve my health, strength, stamina and to enjoy myself, (it is such a buzz when you complete something like this).

    There is a great beginners 8 week plan for a 10k race. It will be here somewhere - try the section called training.

    Go for it - if I can do it anyone can (my idea of fitness was running for a bus not so long ago - and I couldn't even do that!!)

    best wishes

  • hi all
    thanks for all of the advice and encouragement.

    At the moment i run 3 times a week sometimes i do 2 miles at a slightly faster pace and other times i run 3-4 miles which i want to gradually increase.

    Am i on the right track? I am new to all of this and if i mention running to anyone i know they either think i'm mad or brave.

    I'm doing another local 5k at the end of the year (I'm in sussex)and after seeing the great south run today decided thats were i wanna be this time next year
    Thanx D
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