Berlin Marathon

I'd like to do the BerlinMarathon one day (2009 or 2010). I know it's a while off but I've had a quick look and flights seem to be a bit tricky. I'm based in Leeds - are there any direct flights from anywhere in the North of England? Who has been before and how did you get there? Any advice welcome.



  • East Midlands and Liverpool definitely fly there as they are the airports I'm using when I do this year's race.
  • Barry K - sorry to divert this thread but I am currently trying to decide whether to do Berlin this year or not.  I know it is a fast course for those at the front, but do you know what it is like for those further back - still a PB or does the congestion rule a PB out?


  • This year will be the first year I've done it so I don't know.  I think there are people on the main 2008 thread who have done it before so it might be worth asking on there.
  • Thanks Barry K, I'll check those airports, East Mids would be reasonable convenient for me.
  • East Midlands seems to have flights that leave after 7pm so you'll not get into Berlin until 11pm onwards assuming no problems.
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