Sialens y Barcud Coch-Red Kite Challenge - UK Short Course, Welsh Seniors and Masters Trail Running

Has any one done this before? Any info would be appreciated.


  • The title is longer than the race ...
  • So have you run it before?

  • I've not run the event but I've been there and the scenery is stunning so I reckon it'd be worth it just for that!
  • Thanks Moe, I've been there and run and ridden in the area a few times, and your right wales has some great scenery. I'm looking for some one that has done some trail running as this is a welsh championship race and was unsure if have to be a member of the trail running association or will my WAA get me in. If that makes sense to any one!!!!
  • Yes i have done both races and are virtually all off-road on good tracks. Obviously the Saturday race is shorter but neither are for the faint-hearted but are both fabulous races with the biggest entry for the Saturday race.
    As an indication the Saturday race which is around 11 miles i take around 1:40 - 1:45 but would hope to run 11 miles in around 1:20 in a road race. However it's the same for everyone and once again i would recommend doing either or both (if you feel up to it) races. I have done both on same weekend twice and while the start on Sunday tends to be a bit difficult on tired legs once you get going it's another great race. Definately doing the Saturday race but still considering doing both again this year.
    Hope this helps.

    PS the Saturday race contains one of the longest continuous donwhill sections i have seen in a race - mind you pay for it when you reach the bottom

  • PPS - you do not have to be a member of any running club/association etc - it's open to all
  • Thanks for that Steve, maybe see you there.
  • Steve, I have entered for both races, are you having a go? What club do you run for? I'm with Port Talbot harriers.
  • Runners of all standards are welcome and the UK championships are open to all.

    Looking forward to meeting you all on the day.

    Croeso cynnes i bawb.


  • Sorry Chris missed your post from a few weeks ago. Not doing both this year just the Saturday as i have got a problem with my one foot and don't want to take chances. I'm a member of Islwyn Running club and although cannot usually make club nights at present i do try and attend any races that club have entered.
    Good luck this weekend
  • Thanks for that Dic. I hope I filled the form in properly after speaking to you on the phone.

    Steve,hope your foot is OK for the race. Will try and catch up with you on the day. What times do you normally get in this race?

  • Between 1:40 -1:50 the last couple of years - currently my half marathon time is just over 1:30 so hope that gives you an indication of what to expect. However on this corse if you are not having a good day it's possible to lose time quickly on the climbs and i do not think i have run well in this race recently - we'll see on Saturday. 
    Foot will definately okay  - it's more of a blister sort of problem whereby i have badly damaged the end of my middle toe which is getting shorter all the time. Common sense tells me to take a couple of months off to give it time to heal properly but when did runners ever have any common sense. 
    Once again good luck
  • Thanks Steve, I've got my half down to 1:23 this year, but that's at Llanelli, very flat. I have been training on the hills a lot lately for the Sarn Helen 16.5 hill race, which I managed to go sub 2 hours 1:58, so hope that training will help me on Saturday. Good luck to you too mate.

  • I did Sarn Helen this year (and done it many times before) - 1:58 is some going on that course you must have been near front of the field. My best ever is 2:08 but last few years i've been over 2:20, i guess old age does not come on it's own. You should be flying Saturday and should be well up the field. Post next week with your time -i'll be interested to see how far behind you i end up.
  • Making my way up tonight and staying in the woodlands caravan park for the weekend. Hope to see you there.

    Dic, whats the weather like up there?

  • Just got back from this race... our first time - hated the downhill and hated the uphill, but the race was fabulous, and I won a prize. Will be back for more! Hope everyone else enjoyed it too!  image
  • Just got back from the weekend off great racing. Had a great time and done very well. Saturday I came 9th over all and second vet40 took silver in Welsh and uk trail champs. 1:26. Sunday was hard but still surprised my self, came 4th over all and 1st vet40. 2:18. 2nd over all for the weekend and 1st vet.

    Well done Slow Jacks, what time and position was you?

    Steve, how did you get on?

    Dic, Menna, thanks for organising a great weekend of running you did a excellent job especially with the bad weather. Will definitely be back next year. Dic you have my number and so if your ever down this way and fancy some training give me a bell.Thanks again for your time and effort and please pass my thanks on to everyone else involved.

  • Well done Chris they are excellent times for both races. DId not make it myself as wife was feeling poorly Friday night so despite having pre-entered we did not travel up this year. We did however do the Xterra trails 1/2 marathon today down by Resolven which was pretty tough so we had our fix for this weekend.
    Also although we did not make it must echo your praise for Dic and Menna who do a superb job putting this weekend on - will be back next year.
  • That's why I couldn't see you there, I did look out for a Islwyn vest. Hope your wife is feeling better. How did you get on at Xterra. Steve Rees from our club came 3rd.
  • Wife is okay now (she did the Xterra as well) - it was only a migraine but she does suffer quite badly with her vision when she gets an attack and feels like s*** the next day. 
    Quite enjoyed the Xterra but have not seen any official results to see how well or badly i did, hopefully i was around mid way in race but there were not that many runners anyway - the worse was never knowing what might come next so never sure whether to push on.  What time did Steve Rees do. 

  • Well done Chris for day two, excellent result - next year I will do both too!

    Managed 1.42 for day one, should've done better. Am hunting for more races just like it. Think we've found one vaguely similar in Milland in West Sussex in early August - a 14 miler. Then on to Race the Train two weeks later.

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