Does anyone know if the details for the Reading Half M are out yet?


  • I would think it doubtful. There may well be a lot us doing it next year, so watch this space
  • March 9th ?
  • Website ( hasn't updated yet to next year's details. I would imagine that if you've done it before you'll automatically get an entry form in the post. When they decide to release the info.

    See you there!
  • forgive my whinge, but while reading is perfectly timed for the build up to london and a good opportunity for less experienced runners to get a taste of running in a big race, after last year's fiasco, i think i'll be giving it a miss. it seems the organisers have just got too greedy for all those entry fees, resulting in a chaotic frenzy in the woefully inadequate leisure centre 'race hq', a delayed start and what seemed like half the field starting in the wrong place. i'll be looking for a smaller, better organised race in early march! any ides?!
  • I think Laura is priming us for a nice 14-miler over the hills in Cumbria next March, Cep.
  • I agree with you Cep. I've run Reading a few times and enjoyed it, but the last one was a total fiasco at the start, the field was far too big for the venue or the organisers and, as you say too many runners were out of place because runners were directed to the start from the front instead of feeding in from behind as in previous years. The finish was farcical as well - I saw runners being directed into the wrong funnels, so messing up their times and positions. To cap it all, I got a PW !

    I said I would not run it again and I'll probably stick to that.
  • GuyGuy ✭✭✭
    I also agree with Cep. Although Reading was where I set my half-marathon PB, it has to be one of the worst organised runs I have ever done. If I do run it again (which is unlikely) then I (probably along with everyone else who was held up by slower runners this year) will start further forward than I ought to, which will just add to the chaos.
  • Agree with all the comments made about Reading and if it wasn't just down the road I would boycott it as well. Re runners starting in the wrong place they all did it at the Great South Run today. It's just one of those things you have to put up with in a big field. In future I'm looking to do more 'smaller' races where the organisation is better and the slower runners can't hold you up for more than a few seconds.
  • i know bath is a fairly big race, around the same time, anyone know what the organisation was like there last year? of course the only problem with bath is that they do seem to close the entries ridiculously early, although this could be because they set a more realistic limit than reading!

    hope to see wokingham reinstated in 2003, apart from slight congestion at the start, i thought it was a good course. johnny, i'm sure you could convert reading's PW to a PB here!

    ps v-rap.......of course i'd be very keen for a 14-miler over the hills of cumbria next march, but oh dear, it's just a real pity that it's such long drive, otherwise i'd be raring to go......!!!
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