Who Fancies Comrades 2010?

My current limited CV is as follows:


Edinburgh 2005 - 4.04

London 2006 - 4.04

Edinburgh 2006 - 3.53

Edinburgh 2007 - 4.17

London 2008 - 4.10


Plymouth 2008 - 1.43

Great South Run

2007 - 1.14

After trying my luck in these events I would love to step up and tackle an Ultra, namely The Comrades!!! My plan would be to run (and walk) it in 2010 as I am planning an assault on an IronMan next year - YEAH I must be bonkers!!!!!

Is there anyone out there in the forum would can give me some good sound advice on tackling both these events - I do plan to join a running / tri club to give myself the best possible start, as I have run my CV on my own given ability with very poor training. I know there is a damn good time waiting to get out!!!

If there is anyone who would like to join me in my quest please jump in my campervan and buckle up!image



  • Have been toying with aiming for Comrades in '10 myself.  Altho' yet to decide on a 'feature race' for next year.
  • So will you join me in my campervan then?

  • Sheriff

    Jump on board the pirate ship for next years IM outing,  you wont get better support anywhere.
  • Definitely looking into the logistics, Sherrif!
  • Thanks M.eldy,

    My better half Broken Bones, has promised me to the ship of fools just waiting on which IM the ship will stop at.

  • half iron man this year (monaco)

    full ironman next year??? any suggestions

    comrades 2010

    cabin doors to manual and cross check....im in


  • Savaloy,  see above!!

    Sheriff ... possibly Switzerland and Lanza depending on your persuasion!
  • do it do it do it!!! its a journey and you'll love it!
  • M.eldy,

    It's a good idea will think hard on it.

    Savaloy - Monaco maybe a little too soon for me as I am just starting out cycling and need to find my water wings and dust them off for the swimming trg.

    But I will be doing an IM or more next yearimage

  • Hi all,

    I want to do something in 2010 to celebrate my 30 years on the planet and was wondering about Comrades. The thing is.... I've only done one marathon (4hr 37) and I've only been running for about a year. Is this is realistic goal or am I settting my sights way to high?

  • Get runners worls this month Becksr1, there is an article all about Comrades. It seems to suggest to me that if you can do a marathon you can "do" comrades, although how painful it will be would depend on the training you can put in.

    Also you really don't want to take any longer than 12 hours image I cant imagine the dissapointment of that!

  • I am saying this as someone who is considering it.
  • I did read the article this morning and it was the bit about if you could finish a marathon in sub 5 then it's possible that got me thinking, have been looking for my 30th challenge for a while....  Any ideas on what percentage don't make the 12 hours?

  • Becksr1 - I think this is definitely achievable for you. You could spend the next 6 months marathon training and get your marathon time down and then start a 6 month Comrades program.

    Remember you have to run a sub 4.30 marathon to qualify for Comrades.

  • Thank you, nice to think that it's possibly achievable, I think I need to get a few more marathons under my belt though.

    Looks like I may have found my challenge!

  • Welcome to the campervan Becksr1 - and boy what a 30th you will have!!!!image
  • Hmmmm, I'll be 40 in 2010....
  • Well come and join us Laura M.....
  • when do entries open for 2010??
  • I did have another thought as I was unable to sleep last night, any ideas on how much this is all going to cost?

  • The Sherrif - a couple of things you should know about Sav.
    Firstly he is already an experienced ultra runner so can give good advice about that.
    Secondly he breaks camper vans.image

    I think you will find Comrades a bit different to the marathons you have already done. 
    Forgetting  the distance thing, the marathons you have already completed were "Big" marathons that have plenty of support along the course. I've not done Comrades but have an inkling that this support will be abscent, so get used to running lonely.

    If my running history was half as good as yours I wouldn't think twice about giving it a go, so go for it and good luck.

    Bec - A lot.image

  • Best start saving then, 2 years today!

  • I am seriously looking into this for next year, why wait 2 image
  • I've not done Comrades but have an inkling that this support will be abscent, so get used to running lonely.

    Comrades is a very big event in South Africa.  It is on TV - and in fact a lot of people who can't make the actual race get up at sparrows fart (ie normally about 5am) to watch it on TV all day long.

    The support is pretty good along the way actually.  You won't be running lonely the whole time as there is a lot of hype in SA about Comrades! 

  • It has about 12000 entrants I think, so will be plenty of other runners at your sort of pace (whatever that should turn out to be!). I imagine there might be some stretches with fewer spectators, as there's a lot of route there to cover, but it seems Comrades has the popular appeal in SA that London has here.

    Would love to work up to Comrades but not sure can afford it for the forseeable future. Will have to stick to local (ie UK) things for the time being!

    Hello Ultra AJH!

  • Comrades has the popular appeal in SA that London has here.

    Not quite! You can run if you are good enough - its not some weird dodgy money making scheme and there aren't charity runners!! Its a bit more serious

  • Sorry, meant more in terms of spectators rather than runners. You're right, it's less of a charity event, and less open to all. But popular in that it's televised, well known and well established.

    Tired today, not putting myself very well!


  • Hahahaha no my bad entirely!

    It's a gorgeous race!  It really it.  Plus, 2010 should be the uphill (Durban to Pietermaritzburg).

    Nothing like running through the Valley of a Thousand Hills


  • Every time I decide to be sensible and find another challenge I hear the siren call of the Comrades again!!  Everything I've read about it makes it sound like an amazing (if excrutiating!) experience. 

    Can't imagine how it must feel tho' for those poor souls that don't make it in time, especially those that are almost there and can see the guy fire the finish pistol.

  • I have wanted to do it since my cousin won it a few times years ago!

    As a South African, the two races I will do in the next few years are the Two Oceans and the Comrades.  I will just wait for the Comrades to be downhill...  Which is either 2009 or 2011 

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