Are all Brooks adrenaline gts8 users wobbly rons?

Anyone seen the advert for Brooks Adrenaline gts 8s in this month's Runner's World? Essentially a fat bloke wearing a red hairband and a goatee, one Alfie Biggs, relates how happy he is to have found the gts8s. The insinuation is clear: GTS8s are for big boned runners.

Now as a 16 stone, red hairband wearing chap with a beard (for real), I have taken umbrage at this. Are Brooks saying the GTS8 is the fat chap's shoe of choice? Beasts fair enough, but gts8s!? Any thin people out there who wear them?

Please help otherwise next time i step out i will be paranoid about being pointed and giggled at by neutral gaited 250g shoe wearing fartleking 10st tanned types.


  • Er, yes! In a word!

    Slip o' wind me as me Dad says! I can give you proof...

    I had them recommended as I 'over pronate' apparently! Must say, cracking pair of trainers and I really like them. Mind you, for the price I should bleedin' frame them!

  • I hope you don't mind a bit of female input on this one. I wear the ladies version of the gts 8, and while I could do to lose another couple of stone, I wouldn't say I was that "wobbly". The main reason I have them is due to the support they give against over pronation. I also have very wide feet, and they were the most comfortable in terms of width out of what was available at the time (a few sauconys and new balance were recommended as well).

    I wouldn't worry about what others think. If they're serious enough runners to really know about shoes, they'll be too busy running their own race. If they're right for you, then you should wear them. You shouldn't be thinking about fashions/insinuations, more about wearing what suits your feet and gait best.

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