Hi - have a mad notion that I might set my sights on running the Comrades ultra next year. Have done a couple of marathons in last 6 months and looking for a new challenge.

Has anyone done it recently - if so what do you reckon? If it worth a go?

 Also any views on which year to do it in an "up" or a "down"?

Thanks for any help - keith


  • ClagClag ✭✭✭
    There's an article on it in the Runners World magazine this month - have you seen it? Sounds like a great thing to do - good luck if you go for it!
  • Of course you should do it image

    It is truly an amazing event (12,000 people running 56 miles?!) and I think the feeling of elation at the end of any run is proportional to the amount of training needed and the length of the run - so in this case a great feeling!

     It is, however, quite hard. 

  • Thanks guys...cant believe I missed the article in this months runners world - as Homer would say Duh!

    Must say I am very tempted....its the challenge element - doing something must people thing is stupid/undoable....

    We shall see

  • Doh! Homer say Doh! image
  • Double Doh!

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