Expo trainer panic!

What a nightmare...

I went to the Addidas stand in the hope that they would confirm that I am a neutral runner only to learn that I am an Over Pronator!

The muppets in Sweatshop said I was neutral and sold me a pair of cushioned NBs (that I've been very happy with) but apparently I should have got motion control with cushioned heel!

Its too late to change now though!


  • Sure the adidas people weren't just trying to get you to part with your money?

    Sorry, I have a job which make me soooo cynical....
  • If your happy with the NBs and they have caused you no problems maybe they were right and addidas are wrong.
  • First msg deleted again...what was the question??
  • oops! there it is....
  • Stick with the NBs...if they're OK then no need to change them...
  • Are these "motion control" trainers just a con then. Coz personally, I prefer the really cushioned ones coz I wack my heels down really hard when I run.
  • And whatever you do, do mot change to new shoes until Monday ;-)

    I also had different shoes from sweatshop and Run and Become. Was running on a treatmill at the Mizuno shop at the expo and after 40 minutes we found ot that R&B was right, the Sweatshop with its Adidas footscan was wrong.
  • Actually, Sweatshop didn't even use a scan thing - they asked me to run round the shop and this geezer knelt down and watched me. I think I'm gonna change my name to "Mug Andy".
  • Went to sweatshop in woking they used a foot scan recommended a pair of shoes which i have been very happy with.
  • FA-
    Don't be so hard on yourself, running round the shop (or street) seem to be the usaul way of doing this; here oop north (lad) i think there's one of the footscan thingys, and thats in chorley.
    That being said, from the same shop I've had neutral, support and motion control in the past 2 years!
    Proof of the pudding and all that if the NB's are ok, but doesn't exactly fill one with confidence in the 'trade', does it?
  • Fat Andy,

    Had exactly the same thing with Sweatshop, got a nice pair of flashy cushioned shoes after a quick jog over a FootScan. Had mega problems with leg injuries. Eventually went to Podiatrist and did slo-mo video analysis etc etc. "You're a really bad overpronator, get some stability shoes and use these orthotics." I was told.

    Off to Run and Become and tried on a whole heap of shoes before the assistant was even remotely happy with any of them. Ended up with Brooks Addiction 4s. Feel like bricks but at least my feet don't wobble everywhere now.

    If you are "of a larger build" you are probably better of with the motion control / stability shoes in the long run (no pun intended). BUT, as others have said, don't change anything or try new shoes until AFTER the Marathon.

    "Footscan" - "footsham" more like!

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