Race belts

OK got my first triathlon in a couple of weeks, it got suggested that i purchase a race belt so i did as i was told, purchased said item, now a really random question. What are the dangly bits for? The only reference i can find is to secure your race number - how does that work?

I look forward to some serious and not so serious answers as re-reading i realise this can be misinterpretedimage but how else to describe??? elastic cords???


  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭
    do the dangly bits have any cord shocks on them (spring loaded clamp type thingies)?

    if so the cord goes through a hole on the number (you may have to makes these yourself) and the shocks go on the other side to the belt to hold the number in place.

    if there are no shocks you may need to get some

    BUT - does the belt also have any pop studs?? if so, use them to hold the number in place - they do take some pressing to get them to work but they will hold
  • Ah ha, it all becomes clear. Yes i do have cord shocks, but no there are no pop studs. I was trying to work out if you looped them around something, didn't consider removing the cord shocks first. image

    We live, we learn!

     Thanks Buddna

  • Exactly what I wanted to know. Thanks, you two. * Was going to thread everything thro' the holes and tie knots. ' Cord shocks' is a new compound noun for me. Had no idea..*

  • Prob easier using safety pins though !
  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭
    be careful if making holes - some numbers are not so robust so can tear if you make them too big and the paper is stretched. if that's the case - use some safety pins instead. numbers made of Tyvek (nylon like material) are rip-proof however
  • I made my own number belt because I am special.
  • so did I, bit of inch-wide black elastic,  cut to size, sew both ends onto one of those handy-dandy little snap buckles, easy-peasy, one number belt for a few pennies. Safety pins to pin the number to the belt.
  • Number belts cause loads of drag, you are better using safety pins and fastenning the number as flat as possible.

    Its all about being Aero image

  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭
    but when you have the aerodynamics of a housebrick like me it makes not one jot of difference Dooze
  • Yes, but the flapping noise does get rather annoying!!

    I will be trying new pinning techniques on my next tri.

  • You go quick enough to get flapping noises?
  • No, there must have been a strong wind image

  • Once you have clamped the number on with the shocks you might also want to tie the two loose ends of the dangly bits together otherwise they will bang against the number and drive you nuts.

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