I'm in the ballot for next year's FLM.  But if I don't get in, I'd quite like to help out around the race; so handing out drinks, marshalling, whatever.  I ran this year's, thought the volunteers were fantastic, and would like to give a little back if I don't run.  Does anyone know how you go about volunteering?  Is there a general clearing function for volunteers, eg run bu FLM?  Or do you need to approach the individual organisations involved?


  • Hi Florian,

    I volunteered at this years FLMafter I was unsuccessful in the ballot, I was on the lucozade sport stand at mile 10. It was hard work but really good fun and has definitely inspired me to enter next years race. 

    As far as I'm aware all the drinks stations are done by running clubs. I saw an appeal for volunteers on my local club website and replied to that (although I am not a member). I think It was a couple of months before the marathon that I saw the advert so it might be too early to start looking now.

    I think some charities also send volunteers to cheer their runners on so you could also try that.

    Good Luck!

  • A lot of the drink stations are manned by running clubs - members of my club do the last Lucozade station. It's actually organised by a specific person however who has plenty of experience of organising similar things rather than by the club itself - she then asks for volunteers from the club, but she'll take people from anywhere as the more the merrier.
  • BOTF - any idea who?  I know some of my club have expressed an interest in marhalling/water stations, etc.
  • florian, the company my wife works for run a water stop outside their leisure centre every year and use their staff to run it, they receive 6 entries to the following years marathon, so this may be a way of securing a place, if you can get onto a station. (ps the down side with her company is that only the management go into the lottery for said places) 
  • I would suggest that you contact the offices of FLM and tell them you wish to volunteer. Alternatively, call your favourite major charity and ask them if they have cheering points and help them. They may consider your help worthy of a place the following year too.

  • Thought i'd bump this, as i've just failed to get through the ballot. Is now a good time to volunteer? I'd draw the line at handing out vaseline
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