Performance Racing Trainer

I've started 5km-ing on the track, and I've found doing it in spikes is shreading my lower legs. Looking to get performance trainers. However, all the reviews on here seem to say that they are idea for either "heavy runners" or overpronaters, of which I am neither.

Ideas for neutral, lightweight runner much appreciated! (I will get them fitted - I just want to get an idea price-wise etc... before I start looking).



  • June's Running Fitness magazine has a review of racing flats suitable for 5k races (pages 88-91).   Includes shoes like Nike Mayfly (£25), Pear izumi Streak (£79) and Mizuni Wave Idaten (£60).  These are not intended for heavier runners or for overpronators - generally for flats you need to be neutral as they give little cushioning or protection if you over-pronate/supinate.  I take it with spikes you are using middle distance ones which allow your heel to make ground contact and not sprint spikes which don't.  Quite a common problem with spikes - Hayley Haining for example couldn't wear spikes because of lower leg injury problems.
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