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  • 3rd August is good for me! image

    That race sounds like a right bargain, haile!image

    But my knees are in a bad way at the moment (didn't even manage to get out running at the weekend image) so should probably give fell running a miss!

  • 3rd of August it is! image

    Haile - Is there a link for the Trunce race with any more info? Sounds very tempting!

  • Cheers Haile, looks great! If I can get away from work early enough, I'll be there image
  • Just realised the guy in the red shirt in the photo above image is from my club... he's always miles out on his own in our speed sessions! image
  • Thanks, Haile!

    Think I increased my mileage a bit too suddenly last week - I totted it up and I'd done 20 miles over the whole week, which I've not managed for quite a while!  Think the knees were shocked by that.

    Also feeling a bit under the weather right now, and I'm always a bit rubbish at keeping up with physio exercises/keeping myself properly aligned etc when I'm not feeling good.

    Be reight again soon.

  • Definitely not image
  • I might KJ, I just might....
  • Which means nooooooo. 
  • 3nd fine by me. Sorry Haile about oughibridge it's just I need to catch up on sleimageimageimageimage
  • im ok for the 3rd as well...

    now we got the ball rolling... not a pirate...its my local running club colors...killamarsh kestrels

    its me with jolly fisherman after winning the skegness marathon    image

  • Sounds like there's loads of us then!! Ooooh it will be good. Where shall we go for lunch? I don't mind....

    That really doesn't look like a fisherman in your avatar!! Ha!
  • We could all go round KPO's house and get him to cook for us? image
  • lol...its the new face of skeggy...

    but i think he looks a little scarrey

  • Can he cook?? Do you know something I don't?

    Scary? It looks evil matey! I wouldn't have been smiling if I was stood next to him!
  • He looks like Frank sidebottom's evil crackhead twin? image

    We need a plan gems & girls. Anyone got any idea's?

  • I think meet somewhere for lunch then hit the pubs! Hopefully it will be warm so we can sit outside and catch some rays! What does everyone else fancy doing??
  • 1 geting drunk

    2 falling down

    3 beeing sick

    4 remember to right home adress on back of hand to show taxi driver

  • I'm up for that. But need to make sure I don't end up at your house with the head.
  • Remember it will be a school night so I don't want to do 2 or 3...
  • the head is get used to it...
  • Just realised a smutty joke so I will just resist and take your word for it. image

    Aitch your going back to being a student at some point you need to keep the training in for school nights? image

  • ok...1 58..

    how you geting home aitch...  share a taxi ?

  • I've not thought that far ahead yet! But yes that sounds like a plan! There'll be me KJ, probs KPO this way and possibly Stuart (I seem to remember him being from Eckington) so will work out quite nicely!
  • Oh acually good point anyone living out of town is welcome to our spare bed (it's not the best bed in the world) or settee so long as I actually know you or some one I know can give you a referance.  Because and not to be rude if I said to housemates this is swappy we met on the internet they would quite rightly lock me in the celler for a few days.
  • good gaggle of peeps

    well done aitch....keep it up...

  • I do try.....
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