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  • Moz - ur lucky, she'd signed off by the time i went back. She was posting something to do with her underwear - some women thing on facebook (mrs didds and LP have done the same).
  • either that or we've all turned into chromophiles image

  • BM Becky wrote (see)

    either that or we've all turned into chromophiles image

    Don't you come on here and start using big words- lifes difficult enough as it is.
  • Sheils-Sheils- ✭✭✭
    Stu - really sorry but I can't make it tonight, one or two little problems here so will have to give it a missimage Hope you have a great time though and happy birthday for tomorrow
    Mozzy wrote (see

    I've had more 29th birthdays than I care to remember, Though not as many as Sheils image (she only ever skip reads this thread so she'll never notice).

    Oh you think so????
    I feel as though I've had many many 29th birthdays sometimes- especially when I look in the mirror after a long run (or even before a long run come to think of it)image
    PJAZ wrote (see)
    Moz - ur lucky, she'd signed off by the time i went back. She was posting something to do with her underwear - some women thing on facebook (mrs didds and LP have done the same).

    You boys aren't supposed to know what we're talking about!

    I've enjoyed running in the snow this week but it's taken it's toll on my back and shoulders. I've done some yoga though (dug out an old DVD) and that's seems to have helped a bit. 

    I went for my swimming lesson on Friday and have started to learn the front crawl- it's bloomin hard for a complete beginner, even with flippers on. I was knackered after 2 lengths- that can't be right can it???

  • Well done sheila! 2 lengths is really good going for your first  FC attempt, it's not may more for a sprint tri image  It gets less knackering when you get the breathing and technique right... so I'm told, I'm still working on this bit!

    I had a pang of jealousy as a group of runners got on the train at hathersage, still sledging was lots of fun image  I was trying to convince myself it was doing my legs good stomping through the snow and my core good sliding down on a survival bag with my legs in the air!  But have to admit it was way too much fun to be classed as proper training!

  • No worries Sheils, see you on the 15th at the Dubtastic planning meeting.

    Went out to the Foxhouse this morning for a run around Burbage Moor, snow out there was awesome! We did most of the Burbage Skyline with a few detours where it was impassable! Not exactly the fastest run I've ever done given that one minute we were running along quite nicely and before we knew it we were up to our waists in snow but great strength work and great fun! Especially coming down off the top of Higger Tor knowing that one wrong step would mean that I would end up as a massive snow ball at the bottom of the hill! image

    If I was clever I would upload a photo or two like wot Didzee does but I'm struggling with the technology! How do you get the file size down Dids? My pics are all about 900+KB so it won't let me upload any! image

  • Stuart H wrote (see)

    If I was clever I would upload a photo or two like wot Didzee does but I'm struggling with the technology! How do you get the file size down Dids? My pics are all about 900+KB so it won't let me upload any! image

    Simples.  The easiiest way is to put them on Farcebook or similar and the import them from there using the tree icon (insert image) on the menu bar.

    Right click on the photo on Farcebook, select properties, then copy the URL address for the piccie and then paste that into the URL line on the Insert Image menu option. Select Insert and job done.

    Look forward to seeing the piccies.

  • Stuart H wrote (see)
    Sounds tops Becky! image
    Ditto, as does ut run Stu - can't wait to be fit enough to ge out in the hills again.
  • Sheils-Sheils- ✭✭✭

    Becky and Stu- sounds brilliant. I haven't been out today but hopefully hitting the hills tomorrow morningimage

  • Happy birthday Stu have a good time tonight
  • Yep, happy 33rd birthday Stu - hope ur not too hung over to read thisimageimageimageimage.
  • All of you into mountain bikes take a quick look at this...

    Looks ace, if you agree get sending those emails of support before Monday!!

  • Happy Birthday Stu image

    So, as it was obviously too dangerous to run the County Champs, how come 369 of us were in Bushy Park for the weekly Parkrun?

    I did set a PW mind so 7.5m would have been very hard work

    The temperature is above freezing and patches of green are appearing outside the window. I hope this will continue. Snow is very pretty but when it turns to ice it becomes rather inconvenient after a while

  • Happy birthday Stu! Was Dim Sum good? It`s one of my OH`s faves.

    Managed about 9 miles in the snow yesterday. Very tired legs today but thought it was a decent effort. Saw a group of professional looking runners in Millhouses Park too. I certainly seem to be the odd one out at the mo  - wearing shorts! image

  • LS21LS21 ✭✭✭
    Well I'm pleased to say it looks like I'm now over my illness and back to putting in some decent miles. Managed 7.14 Mon, 10.2 Wed, 8.31 Thu (on the tready), 10.08 Fri, a steady 5 yesterday as a Recovery and then 16 this morning on the TPT - just shy of 57 for the week. It's been tough going running outdoors but luckily I'm only a mile from the Trail and I have a very good head torch - so mostly been off-road. Been hard though - a bit like running in the sand really. I'm sure the 16 today counts more as an 18ish in terms of time on feet and effort, but all good.

    Oh and Dids - re White Peak. Have you ran it before?
  • LS21LS21 ✭✭✭
    Meant to say - Happy Birthday Stu image
  • LS21LS21 ✭✭✭
    Didz - re White Peak. If you've not entered yet then do so NOW. Entries flying in apparently and it's almost full. See comment from Ian Milne (Race Director) half way down page 2 here
  • ET - professional looking runners? What do they look like? Oris it a case of all the gear but no idea?

    And you are still in shorts???

    LS21 - thanks for the update,i'll look into it. Never run it before.  Thats good mileage for a comeback week after that level of illness.

    No sign if Stu - oh dear.

  • Thanks for the birthday wishes gang! Brilliant night last night, definitely need to get a few miles in today to work off the indulgence of last night, think I ate all the dumplings in Sheffield! Love that place ET! image

    Clocking up some good miles there LS21! I've been loving running in the snow, like you say hard work though! What type of headtorch do you use? Mine's been a bit on the pants side so I should upgrade.

    Thanks for the photo tips Dids, gonna have a go now...


    Success! Not great light I'm afrad, the sun never quite made it out!
  • Stu - Happy Birthday! (again) Hope you haven't got a sore head today.  I have consumed a large volue of tea image

    LS21 glad you're back in the game.

    I have one of these headtorches

    It's absolutely great, has the battery back on the back  which means its not weighted at the front (and takes AAAs) red light at the back too so ideal for running/biking.  I've used it as an emergency light mountain biking a few times when day light has run out.  It's also cheap!

    Unfortuantely it's had a lot of good reviews and sold out at the mo (but I have friends at alpkit so can find out when in stock).  Your welcome to see what mine's like before you think of buying one!

    I really need to stop faffing on the net and do my CPD like a good girl image

  • LS21LS21 ✭✭✭

    Quick one - Didz will reply properly re White Peak later.

    Stu - got myself one of these a few weeks back 

    Running Bhoy on the sub-3 forum put me onto it (he runs the Sweatshop store in Glasgow) - they're selling them in Sweatshop in Meadowhall - reduced from £45 to £25. Decent bit of kit I think. Certainly good enough for what I need, but then I'm not a full-on Fell junkie like you image

  • I'm with Beck re headtorches - i love my Alpkit Gamma and may invest in another when back in stock.

  • My 1000m for 2010 effort is curently at 17m image but may make it to 20m before Wednesday.

    They have all been snow coverd miles though, so comparatively a snow mile is harder than a normal mile - well, thats my story and I'm sticking to it.

    Had a good 6m in proper snow conditions around Shirebrook Valley this morning, had a small insight into what a white out must be like as I ascended one of the hills as couldn't see any path or anything - just white, which was a bit scary even though i was only 200yds from the Worksop bypass.

    I'll miss running in the snow when its gone - no guarentee we'll have this much snow again for a few years.

  • Sheils-Sheils- ✭✭✭

    ET- Shortsimage???

    Stu- happy birthday- hope you had a great night. 

    Cake- were you in Edale this morning? You know when you pass someone and say 'hello' and then think- 'was that.........?' well I had one of those this morning so if it was you I apologise for being ignorant (unintentionally of course) and if it wasn't you just ignore all this. 

    Ha a great run/walk up Kinder and down Jacobs Ladder this morning, I've got to admit to not running all of it cos no-one would belive me if I said I had. Bit chilly up on the top, the snow came up to my hips in places so that was fun. I had a very, very cold face at times but- it was good fun. 

     Didis- I know what you mean about it being a bit scary- it certainly could have been at the top of Kinder if I hadn't been with my mates

  • imageimageimageHAPPY BIRTHDAY MCSTU! imageimageimage

    Cafe now open at the weekends at Whirlow hall farm if anyone fancies a cafe to cafe to cafe run one day?

    Anyone fancy a run next Sunday morning? Castleton horseshoe from hope?  I can offer lifts?

  • Ooh Sheils - 4got to say - you are a top top bird! You're picking up your swimming much faster than I did!

    Oh - and applied for my first ever credit card so that I can buy a half decent MTB! Horay! image

  • Thanks Sheils / Mozzy! Sounds like a fab run Sheils. I could potentially be up for a run next weekend Mozzy, keep me posted. image

    12miles around Rivelin, Bell Hagg, Sannington, Loxley and Wadsley Common, needed my weak ass Petzl head torch for the 2nd half of it. Definitely want a more powerful one so thanks for the info guys, if you do hear of any of the Alpkits coming in stock, it would be good to know, thanks Becky. I'll check out the Cateye as well if I can LS21 but want to try and avoid a trip to Meadowhell if possible!

    Off to friends for freshly baked muffins and a dvd now. image

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