How can I put this...
Normally, I'm like a Camel but since Wednesday I've been trying to incease the old fluid intake, but I need a slash every five minutes. I've done a lot of driving this week so I've had a leak in every service station on the M1.


  • Unfortunately that is the drawback to hydrating,not much fun,but neccessary.
  • But it feels like your wasting all the fluid your taking.
  • drink at litre at once and then an hour or so later it all comes out at once.
    It's true! I promise
  • This is a weird but true thread.
  • weird weird
  • well I have been drinking tons of water for some time now... and wondering why my wee is still concentrated looking.. so I drink some more, I don't mind if I have to get up 2 or 3 times a night.. it's for a good cause.. drink some more.. wee still dark yellow.. Then I read that multi-vits makes your wee bright yellow!! Guess I'm hydrated..
  • Mands
    I've been taking multi vitamins for couple of months now plus a codliver oil capsule a day and yes they do turn wee yellow. Thought I was ill first time I noticed until I twigged what was doing it. Good news is I have'nt had a sniffle or owt since started taking them so must be good I guess or just lucky. Andy makes a good point - I tend to want to pee just before a race several times and will probably be worse this Sunday!
    Good luck everyone

  • its getting weider by the minute.
    muti-vit's = nuclear yellow
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