vaseline - never use it

I've never used vaseline for any of my training runs but everyone else swears by it. My longest run is 20m so does chaffing happen a lot after 20m or am I just lucky?


  • You've been lucky, Andy.

    I only use vaseline to keep the skin of my face from falling off on cold windy days, and it has to be the unbleached yellow stuff, not the white sort.
  • I think as you tire your running action probably suffers, making chaffing more likely.

    I tend not to get blisters myself, which is fortunate, but I do get sore around the groin area if I don't vaseline it.
  • Talking specifics... I have "chaffed" before now on the inner thighs on runds over 10 miles, so on that experience, you will probably be ok in that particular "region".

    However, I had the unpleasant honour of experiencing nipple rash for the first time about a month ago on my first 20+ mile run, which struck at about mile 18. On that evidence, I would think there is still a risk.

    My perspective is that given you're only rubbing it on the outside, it can't have any adverse effect, so give it a bit of the old 'enry coopah - "splash it all over!!!"
  • Andy - if you don't use it you may start to suffer.

    If you do use it and wouldn't have suffered anyway you've not lost anything.

    So I'd take the precaution.
  • i don't recommend it on nipples tho. I'm taping mine. Vaseline jsut rubs off and makes a mess on your vest
  • You're very lucky!!! I use it on me bits,armpits and nipples. And no I'm not perverted or obese!!
    Have a good day
  • Shoot - forgot the nipples, so much a matter of course.

    I'm taping them though on Sunday, as it might rain. For those who tape, do you not find the tape rubs or do you vas underneath it?
  • The sight of my father-in-laws bleeding nipples was enough to bring tears to my eyes!!
    Always use vas on every part that rubs!!
  • I've been fine for my 20 milers, but am gonna grease everything possible on Sunday.

    I'm not running the marathon mind you, I just like it !

    (Joke !)
  • Jock ItchJock Itch ✭✭✭
    Why not tape your bits to your nipples.!!!! Everyone wins then !

    OW OW OW OW OW!!
  • No Vas under nipples just tape, still owwwwww!! though
  • You could use safety pins Jock if you want to increase the pain even more!
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