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  • When I started running some 3 years ago I did listen to music, I thought it was the 'trendy' thing to do.Not any more, without sound I enjoy my running more. Also I don't have any distractions and find my tmes have improved greatly. Would not go back to sound. Greg, Mistley, Essex.      
  • Good to see capitalism is at it's roaring peak in the running industry. Now even our ears are branded...image

  • The debate continues I see.

    As a non music jogger, I decided to try it out. So on Saturday I ran 7 miles to the sounds of my breath, feet, birds, trees, river, cars and the sea. No music. I made a point of greeting everyone I passed walkers, dog walkers and runners. The only one person who never responded to my greeting was the runner (wearing earphones!).

    Yesterday I ran 6 miles with an MP3 playing various sounds. It was wierd to say the least. I found it easier with only 1 ear piece in, in busy areas and must admit on the areas where there was no people I used both ear pieces. I found that I needed the misic loud to enjoy it, when I had it on soft  it just annoyed me because it was too "background". To be honest I don't think I would have heard anyone from behind.....

    So for me I don't think I'll be jogging to music again but will try to keep an open mind (especially if Nike is thinking of handing out a coulpe of freebies!).

    Each to their own.

  • Running with music can be wonderful, however sometimes a change is good.

    It's great to go for a run with nothing but yourself out on a trail where all you can hear are the birds, or the wind in the trees, the sound of your breathing as you go up an incline, your heart pumping and the sound of your feet pounding the ground.  Poetic eh!image

    This debate will be pretty close to 50/50

  • I like both!

    I run with my Nike+ system all the time, but when running with my club mates twice a week I don't take the headphones with me and just use the system on my iPod (just bought one of the wristband thingies but haven't yet set it up).  I would feel rude if I had my headphones on - we chat anyway!

    However, when I run on my own, twice a week usually, I take my music along with me.  Best of both worlds!

    In races I use the Nike+ and usually have one headphone in if I am running on my own, that way I am still aware of what is going on around me but I do have the dulcet tones of the lovely Mr Freddie Mercury encouraging me along!


  • I feel now that I should have made sure that one MP3 wearer experienced the Poole AC 'In the lakes 10k' rather than 'round the lakes' last boxing day as he merrily drifted infront of me whilst being told to move to the right ....... that would have learned himimage

    Savage Garden?? I actually might win a race if I ran with an MP3 and loaded the playlist with them, The Fray, Scouting for Girls etc...

    Imagine the suprise of the visiting Kenyan Athlete in the last 100m of the 10k race as I scream past him shouting 'aaaarrrgghhhhhhhh' whilst trying to poke my own eyes out with knitting needles image

    Scottish Mike! Come on man! it's just opinions!!

  • Proper plodders do it without the aid of artificial stimulants and we do it far more safely as well.

  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭

    I love this topic...
    I train (sometimes) with an ipod and only on pavements and will stress that the places I run aren't hugely populated - I live in a smallish village. In a great break wth tradition (and denial) I will admit to being hopelessly oblivious to most things around me when I do, but thats because I put it a volume to enjoy the music. I'm sure I don't hear people behind me (But given that I'm running somewhere around 8mph, I wouldn't expect too many pedestrians to overtake) but if an ambulance/lorry/car wanted to mount the kerb it  would have to beep pretty loudly, unless it was careering off the road when I'd be toast. I expect this to be a highly unlikely event. I too am oblivious to muggers but being a 6ft male, I'd put myself in a low risk group. I trust my eyesight to see those in front of me, and always take my time at crossings. although I don't discount the risk of accident.
    It would never cross my mind to wear one in races, or off road, or on the lanes near me without pavements.

  • Dustin I'm with you... I alway have my pavements with me when wearing one. I just feel naked without them. image
  • pavements or Pavement?
  • Don't think Pavement would get you any PB'S!!

     Loved the fact that they were Luton Town fans because Kasey Keller was in goal for them at the timeimage

  • StrayceltStraycelt ✭✭✭
    Aaaaah, just love this topic. Seems that there's a clear group of people who have mixed feelings, but want to play by the rules, the antis seem to have some salient points but give way to individual freedom of coice and then the die hard pros who have the most forceful, although not necessarily the most persuasive arguement. I fall into there's a time and a place category and if it works for you,(safely) doesn't contravene any regs, nor interfere with the spirit of the occassion, then do it. I do believe, strongly, that all forms of mp£/iPod should be banned at mass events as they fall into the last category. (See thread on subject, was quite an interesting set of exchanges)imageSeems a bit self centred to join a mass group, exclude yourself from the others yet take part in the event and get carried with/by its momentum. No issue in small, isolated, longer, traffic free runs.image
  • Well I have to say Ive become a bit of a no music convert since FLM 08.....

    My wife and I ran it together, we both had our ipods ready at the start, both plugged in and then her Nano decided to do the screen lock of death which is only solved by letting it run flat and then charging...When that happened I had to concede to run with her and not use my ipod as she was in a total panic and in tears saying "I cant run it without music!!!!" 

    So we ran the whole thing together in 3h 53m and had no music on at any time. Well this was a much better experience for me than FLM 07 when I used my ipod. I got so much more from the crowd and atmosphere and I am a convert. I wont run with an ipod again for any races with strong crowd support. I actually think I might have been slower had I not become so much more absorbed by the crowd....

    Each to their own of course but thats my little tale....image

  • There is nothing better than running in a big event without music.

    Unless your iPod is specifically programmed at certain BPM so they match the running paces for the whole race (as advocated by run2rhythm and jop tunes) it's hard to enjoy the fullness of the event - crowds, other runners, pain etc.

    Some will, some won't, sometimes I do, sometimes I don't

  • I listen to Radio Five Live, usually, on an old small Philips radio, during training in the evenings - football during the winter, and a bit of everything during the summer.  Takes my mind off what's hurting.  I've just bought an Ipod, so will be experimenting with that.  Don't take any of this during races though.

  • I don't .     image

    I never will.  image

    Thank you .  image

    Take it easy .  image

  • S T one.. don't go on and on and on about it!! just say what you mean  image


                                                   'nuff said  !      image

  • StrayceltStraycelt ✭✭✭
    Wonder if we vcan get any puns out of this for the pun thread. Need to get on the right wavelength, tune into the thread, pick up the rythm of the posters, time to beat itimage
  • Racing - never listen to ipod, whether FLM of in a 5K with less than a hundred folk. It seems a bit disrespectful in a way, like you don't want to be there with the other athletes / marshalls / supporters. Does anyone else agree?

    Training - different kettle of fish, ipod is on. Rolling Stones, Doves, Killers or the Smiths for long runs. And for short distances, Underworld are unbeatable. Check out their Everything Everything live album. Ran a PB for a mile yesterday to Born Slippy. Impossible not to run fast when it's on. Also like Kasabian's Club Foot and Chemical Brothers' Life is Sweet for fast stuff.

  • Spot on Valluga  image

  • Good way to end the thread. Training - if you want to - Racing - NO!

    END OF THREAD....(I wish image)

  • My mother used to end every argument  by saying "You have to have the last word don't you...".

    (Thereby getting the last word). 

  • I run both with and without music playing in my ears.   I used to run on a treadmill but when I ventured out doors it seemed strange without music so my trusty MP3 was bought. 

    When I joined my running club I suddenly found running without music and chatting with fellow runners was a wonderful experience.  When I go out on my own I use my MP3 but when I attend the running club I don't. 

     I think its down to personal preference and wether your running alone or with a group.

  • Smilesnmiles -

    Well - I nearly did it. You always have to get the last word image

  • Cannie Cross here I come

  • I usually do my long run on a Sunday morning, so I listen to the Archers Omnibus on my walkman as I can get the radio on it, not sure it imporves my time but it helps to pass it!!!!

  • For me its simple, music for training sometimes if i need it but never in a race!!!
  • It's hard not to fall into the tempo of your music, and that can spoil a training run pretty easily.  It's easy to get too tired from running too fast, underworked if from running too slow.... and tangled cables from always trying to find the right 'Toon'.

    Also, you can't hear someone say, "Hey mate! Watch out for the ....!".

  • use a heart monitor
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