7/9 Saturday session

What: nothing
Why: Hightown 2nd XI v Caldy 2nd XI - penultimate game of season. Also I'm well overdue a day off.

Last hard day: Fri
Last rest day: Sat 31/8


  • What: 4M easy
    Why: Get the drive down to Portsmouth out of my legs for tomorrows race.
    Last hard: Tue
    Last rest: Fri
    It's raining hard down in SE Kent so at least I won't get a hot & sticky drive.
  • So tell us Mike - what happens when the cricket season is over? No more excuses for a day off on Saturday?

    Today: 30 minute easy jogging
    Why: Race tomorrow
    Last rest day: Thursday
    Last hard day: Wednesday

    Like many others on the forum have been feeling a bit under the weather - but nothing that seems to have come to the surface. Did a very steady 8 last night and felt fine although a little weary afterward. The pressure has been upped at bit at work over the last week so it could be that - isn't it annoying when work gets in the way of running!
  • What: 4+M variable. Again, very pleased to find I can. I still cannot sit, but the back trouble does not appear to affect running. Strange, but I'm grateful. Running appears only slightly to affect back.

    Rest day yesterday, although perhaps not quite what you imagine in that. Spent 6 hours on my back during the day, most of it asleep. Guess I needed it, cause I had no trouble sleeping at night, and the world certainly seems a less annoying place for having done so.
  • Martin,

    Rest day usually shifts to a weekday, out of cricket season. In particular, in the depths of winter, Saturday represents one of the two days I can get out and run in daylight.
    With races planned for Sundays 15/9, 22/9, 29/9 and 13/10 however, I've got a few idle/easy Saturdays still to come!
  • What: Resting. And eating. Neither requiring a RW training schedule, I'm very good at both.
    Why: Langdale 1/2 tomorrow, and the autumnal blustery wind and rain has arrived with a vengeance. Should be fun.
    Last hard: Tues.
    Last rest: Thurs (easy week this week!).

    Good to hear you're running Stickless. Cricket - don't understand it, but good luck anyway Mike.

    Yes, why is Sept such a packed month for good races? Tempted to do Cumbrian 1/2 next weekend if I'm recovered from tomorrow, after that there are 2 10 milers followed by the GNR. Well, can't do all of them or I'll get too behind in the domestic brownie point system.

    Have a good weekend all.
  • What: 12.5 Miles Long run down Kennet Towpath & back, last 1/2 mile @ 10k pace
    Why: Endurance conditioning for 10km attempt
    Last Hard day: Today (technically)
    Last Rest day: Monday
    Next rest day: tommorow (yay!)

    Good luck to all you racers!..
  • What : Light gym work with 2 miles easy run
    Why : Loosening up before GSR tomorrow
    Last Rest : Yesterday
    Last Hard : Thursday

    Good luck everyone racing this w/e
  • What: 8 miles steady
    Why: trying to be sensible this week and cut back a bit
    Last Hard Day: Thursday
    Last Rest Day: Monday

    Good luck with the 1/2M, Laura - hope the meteorological conditions don't get you down.
  • HillyHilly ✭✭✭
    Hi all
    What: rest day
    Why: GSR tomorrow. Originally was going for a sub 70 but know I'm not in that kind of form, so will TRY to be pleased with whatever I do.
    Last hard day: Mon
    last rest day: yesterday

    I have a very busy running/racing period now up until Christmas and will be racing something like 2 out of every 4 weeks. Unless of course injury or illness raises its ugly head! You never can tell.

    Martin I agree it's annoying when work gets in the way of training. If only I was rich enougth to choose not to work or only when I want!

    Good luck everyone racing this weekend. Hopefully the weather will stay kind!
  • Hi all.

    What: Gym. Walked there short way, 1hr Bodypump, 10 mins stationary cycling to see whether I still hate it as much as I used to (I do), 20 mins on the steppy and swam 1km gently. Ditched the treadmill intervals in deference to race tomorrow. Walked home along canal path.

    Why: It's pretty much what I normally do on a Saturday.

    Last rest day: Yesterday.

    Last hard day: Thursday.

    Nice afternoon, so I'm spending some of it in the garden pruning the spiky things and pulling up weeds. Since I started to run regularly, the garden has gone seriously to seed and weed - and I used to be very garden-proud!
  • What : Had a trip down to the coast for about an hours open water swimming – marvellous fun
    Why : first chance to try out new wetsuit

    Last Rest day: Yesterday – have had quite a lazy week this week

  • What 4.1 miles in 35mins. Whaddya mean?... thats good for me!
    Heckled en route
    Now feel like I'm falling apart. Spine no longer responds. Larger fest coming on.
    Great. After months of arsing about I feel like I am back.
  • For Larger read lager
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